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If you are looking to achieve a minimalist style in your outfit, take a look at these 5 tips that will help you achieve the style you want.

5 Tips To Achieve A Minimalist Style In Your Outfit

As the years pass by, humans become more conscious about the essential needs. The world is approaching the reality behind the drastic phenomena in society and the entire world. Minimalism, on the other hand, introduces a way of living that is more focused on plainness and simplicity. 

It encourages humans to only utilize, acquire, or avail the things that they solely need. Hence, minimalism requires cheaper yet maximized resources from which projects a less stressed way of living.

From the past few years, minimalism has emerged and impacted architecture, fashion, and interior designs among others, establishing a new landscape in the world of art. The modern and emerging minimalist style has unexpectedly built a fresh, inviting look that everybody loves, most especially on outfits. Pastel colors, plain decors, solid hues — indeed, you need to see these five tips to get that minimalist look!

1. Plan Your Monochromatic Hues

Monochromaticity and minimalism always come along the way. You would not ask Elio and Oliver perhaps why they prefer to wear similar shades of color for almost the entire film in the movie “Call Me by Your Name.” Filmed in Italy, the movie has disported a refreshing and calm mood, thanks to the monochromatic colors used. It is a tip-to-toe getup anyway: from hat to tops; to belt to bottoms. 

When you want to add some pieces of jewelry, it is best to choose a wristwatch as it is more functional than any other. Of course, it must also be in a minimalist look too just like what you can see in Watchshopping’s Nomos wristwatch collections.

2. Just Be Simple

The main goal of being minimalist in clothing is to project the simplicity of your fashion to its highest peak. It means that no matter how plain your shirt or jeans is, the catch is all about the refreshing aura and ambiance, a basic pose, and an alluring presence. 

Simplicity makes up the minimalism great for its less stress, less hassle, and less bustle aura and projection. When elegance comes to your mind, simplicity could always be the way it wants. Simplicity is beauty, as they said.

3. Plain Colors, Not Just Plain Colors

What makes minimalist getup ideal is its plainness that is truly inviting and ‘intoxicating,’ in a sense that no other decors are messing up on the mood. Plain colors are indeed completing the tone that you want to disport within your inner mood and emotion. 

As perceived by many, decorative designs and lots of color combinations do not always secure an attractive ‘outfit of the day’ when it is always about bling-bling. The decorative style is yet fun and it is mostly associated with your theme. Plainness in your attire is not just all about ordinary; it is about being open and clear with the fashion statements, most especially to minimalism.

4. Try Formal-Casual Combination

The dilemma with some casual or formal outfits is sometimes it becomes too extravagant. When visualizing the minimalist style, try to reinvent your clothing with the integration of formal and casual apparel. This avant-garde, innovative look yields from a delightful medley of the modest atmosphere of two worlds. 

What makes this couple ideal is that it attempts, and succeeds, to fuse the contrasting colors, various types of fabrics, and two completely opposing styles. Yet, who had ever expected that magic? A universe of repulsive elements has created a new home for a minimalist fashion style. From this, you could combine your thoughts about the casual and formal outfit without being too flashy and showy.

5. Get Inspired With A Pair of Color Mixtures

What is lovely with the fashion designs is that it allows you to apply your artistic skills while expressing yourself. Truly that it is empowering for self-esteem and confidence as, through this, you could manifest your thoughts and ideas more engagingly and realistically. From this scenario, you might want to remember your color wheel in your Arts class in elementary as this will be your basis for this concept. 

Having a pair of colors enables you to synthesize and syndicate your alluring hues from lots of pairing styles. You could choose from either form the basis of shade, tone, hue, or tint. From complementary (a pair of hues) and monochromatic (a pair of shades) colors, you can create your minimalist getup. To guide you, you may refer to this:

Complementary Pairs

These types of pairing happen across from one hue to another in the color wheel. As many say, they are completely contrasting to one another. Because of that, a minimalist voice was found to be heard from this idea. Here are the color combinations under the complementary pairs:

  • Blue and Orange
  • Red and Green
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Red-purple and Yellow-green
  • Blue-green and Red-orange

Monochromatic Pairs

Who had ever foreseen a single hue could exhibit a spectrum of color combinations. What makes a monochromatic pair archetypal is that it keeps you to choose a mood that you just want to showcase. For example, pastel shades of blue can either make you more cool or calm; what a perfect combination for sultry weather. Monochromatic pairs could come with:

  • Light and Dark Blue
  • Ketchup Red and Scarlet
  • Saturated Yellow and A Lighter Yellow
  • Dark Green and Apple Green

These are just the most chosen colors for most of the people who are fond of minimalist getups. Just imagine, from the 10 million colors or hues, we have in the world according to an experiment in the lab conducted by the scientists, who would be left to choose for a monochromatic pair of minimalist getup?

In Conclusion

Since then, minimalism has become one of the keys for the world to achieve a sustainable and energy-saving lifestyle. In the context of fashion and design, it has truly created a huge impact on the modern perspective on articles of clothing. 

From having this idea, an innovative reinvention of apparel is empowered towards a new landscape of style and design. After all, elegance comes within you. No matter what fashion style you choose, you are entitled to your expression.

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