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Jake Diaz: Adventure is His Middle Name

Jake Diaz is best known to his social media fans as The Kidventurist. What started out as a way for his mom to tire him out has turned into a social media empire that fans can’t get enough of. A highly functioning young man on the Autism spectrum, Jake is proving that there are no limits to what people with disabilities can do! When not working on his social media content or acting, this 4.0 student enjoys building Legos and sports. Jake took time away from his busy schedule for this in-depth interview about his career and his future plans.
1. You are best known as The Kidventurist on social media. How did you get started in the world of social media? How did you decide on creating content that is full of adventure?

My mom always told me I never stopped moving. I am full of energy and need that adrenaline rush so it all kind of fell into place with trying to tire me out I suppose!

I got started in the world of social media because I’m a teen and that’s kind of what we do lol. I also find it helpful to help bring exposure to any messages I want to share of brands I may be collaborating with.

2. Can you share some memorable moments from working on your content, and how has this experience as The Kidventurist contributed to your growth as a teen?

My most memorable moments are pretty different from each other. My favs are when I’m able to travel out of state. Experiencing something new and far away is always my biggest goal and wish. I do hope to start traveling out of the country soon too. The way this has all contributed to my teen growth is that I am able to meet and engage with people of all ages. There is also a business mindset that I learn at a young age which helps me take a bigger role in managing “The Kidventurist LLC”. I love being a part of the planning and creative process.

3. What do you hope your fans will take away from watching your adventures on social media?

Being that I am high functioning on the Autism Spectrum, I would like people to understand that there aren’t any real limitations to what people with disabilities can accomplish. Dreaming, setting goals and believing in yourself if all you need to be successful in anything you’d like to do! It’s also important that you have a great support system of family and friends who support you.

4. As an actor, most of your work has been in the horror genre. What is it you love about horror films? What is your favorite horror film of all time and why do you like it?

I am a really nice guy. Super kind and friendly. I think diving into something darker which is so opposite of who I am, is exciting to me. I like the challenge of becoming something opposite of my daily self and bringing a bit of that scare factor.

My favorite horror films are the “Halloween” series of films. The reason for this is because I can really go there in my mind and even get scared! The idea that something like this could actually happen makes it so realistic that I actually feel that creepy feeling crawling up my spine!

5. Can you share more about your acting journey so far? What would be your ultimate acting role?

My acting  journey has been AMAZING! I have watched myself grow over the years from background work to featured roles to supporting roles to lead roles. There is a definite change in the roles and auditions that come to me now. They are roles where I would play opposite well known actors or on big name series and although this level gets really competitive, I focus more on enjoying the journey rather than being bummed when I don’t book something really big that I wanted. I am truly honored and grateful to even be asked to audition for these roles and that alone feels like an accomplishment.

I would love to book a series regular on a big show or see myself in theaters on the big screen. Working my way there!

6. You are actively involved in charitable causes like Autism Speaks and St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Can you tell us about the importance of giving back to the community, and are there specific causes that hold a special place in your heart?

St. Jude is probably the biggest and most personal cause for me to support. I think about how blessed my life is and how there are children out there fighting for their life. It’s hard to be happy for myself when I know of the struggles children are facing and who may not have the chance to ever make their dreams come true. I want to always be a part of helping them fight their battles and make their way to recovery any chance I have.

There is another cause that is important to me and that is where children in school are being unnecessarily diagnosed or labeled with a learning disability. My story is too long to share here but I will say that my time in public school can still give me anxiety when I remember it. I don’t know who I would be today if my mom hadn’t pulled me out and decided to homeschool me. You see, I am actually an advanced learner with a 4.0 GPA however I was told I had a learning disability. Public schools don’t understand that some kids have different learning styles or need a quiet space to learn in. I find it really sad that not all families can financially stay at home to homeschool their kids who are being mislabeled and have a world of possibility they may be missing out on. This is actually destroying families and personal self esteem. I am trying to start a Non Profit to try and make some changes to the public school system but it is a big undertaking. That won’t stop me from trying though!

7.You also train for professional BMX riding. How did you get involved in that? What has been your best ride so far?

Unfortunately, the track near me has closed so I haven’t been able to ride for a while. Upcoming for me is Martial Arts and possibly water polo. You know, because I can’t stay still!

8. When not immersed in the world of entertainment, you enjoy building legos and extreme sports. How do these activities contribute to your overall well-being, and do they influence your approach to your craft?

I do enjoy building adult level Legos and still make things from time to time. Right now I’ve started sculpting Sci Fi figures with clay and building advanced models of planes and tanks. I have an attention to detail, so when I have private down time, I enjoy projects that take my mind off all responsibility or schoolwork and can really get into whatever I’m making

9. Looking ahead, are there any specific projects or roles you aspire to take on in the future, and what goals do you have for both your acting and producing careers?

My goals for acting are the same, book bigger jobs and continue training! I did have a great experience recently as a producer on a movie. I enjoyed watching the production from a different point of view, however, I feel acting is still my jam. I DO have some upcoming plans to develop my own line of candy. I’m taking suggestions for names for the candy line so feel free to send them my way! If I choose your name, maybe I’ll give you free candy for life!

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