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Incorporating Water Resistant Sunscreen into your skincare Routine

We all know that being outside for a long time in sun exposure is harmful to health. Being in sunlight for a long time will damage the skin cells and also tan your skin. Lots of people also get stuck in skin cancer to take these things lightly. Well, people are now aware of the disadvantages of being available in sun exposure.

This enhances the importance of sunscreen in human life. People start using Sunscreen to protect their skin from damage caused by harmful UV rays. Normal sunscreen gets squashed by sweat and you may still face skin damage even if you have applied sunscreen on your skin. To solve this issue, Water based sunscreen. This type of water-based sunscreen attains the feature to lock the moisture in your skin when you’re sweating. In this discussion, we’re going to tell you about Water based sunscreen and also provide you with detailed guidance about how you can add water-based sunscreen to your skincare routine.

What is Water-Based sunscreen? Why it is important

Water Based Sunscreen is a type of sunscreen that attains a unique feature that facilitates you to provide water-resistant skincare and also protects the skin from harmful UV rays. This locks the moisture in your skin and helps to nourish the skin. Also, it is water resistant so you don’t have to reapply it from time to time when you sweat to keep your skin protected. 

A normal sunscreen attains this drawback when you go in sunlight exposure and get seated. The sunscreen solution gets squashed. In this case, a person will have to apply sunscreen from time to time for 1-2 hours. But, with water-based sunscreen, there is no need to use sunscreen multiple times. This locks the moisture and creates a shield that protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, the major benefits of using a water-based sunscreen are listed below

Benefits of applying Water Based Sunscreen?

The use of sunscreen is essential for everyone in every season whether it is summer or winter or any other season. Some of the major benefits of having a water-based sunscreen are listed below.

#1. It prevents premature aging

Living in sun exposure for a long time may cause wrinkles, age spots and other things that make you feel older. To protect your skin from these types of premature aging. Excess exposure to sunlight may cause a decrease in the amount of collagen. Water-based sunscreen protects the skin from any kind of skin damage and also prevents premature aging.

#2. Hyperpigmentation

Excess exposure to sunlight may cause uneven skin tone. Water-based sunscreen creates a shield over your skin that protects your skin from getting hyperpigmented.

#3. Reduce inflammation

Lots of people face the issue of sunburn which also gives birth to various other skin issues. Excess sunlight exposure enhances the chances of inflammation and redness.

How to use water-based sunscreen in your daily skincare routine?

The best way to add water-based sunscreen to your daily skincare routine is learning the ideal way to use water-based sunscreen. Knowing the perfect way to use water-based sunscreen will help you to get the maximum benefits of using water-based sunscreen.

Step 1

Clean your face

The primary step you should take is to clean your skin properly. For this step, we suggest you use a mild cleanser and clean your skin gently.

Step 2

Apply toner and serum

The next step is to use a toner that helps to calm your skin and helps to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Step 3


The next step is to hydrate your skin by using high-quality moisturizer. Once the serum gets absorbed properly, then it’s time to apply the moisturizer. This helps to prevent dryness from your skin and also maintains pH balance in your skin.

Step 4

Apply Water-based sunscreen

At this step, you’re ready to use high-quality sunscreen on your skin. Make sure that the sunscreen that you have must be a premium quality water-based sunscreen. Also, your sunscreen must attain SPF 50 and features that help to prevent Suntan, Dullness, and other premature aging symptoms.

Important to know about Water based Sunscreen

  •     To get the best results from the application of sunscreen, make sure to apply sunscreen according to the steps listed above 20-30 minutes before stepping outside.
  •     This is a water-based sunshine that gets locked in your skin, so you don’t need to apply it several times. Still, we suggest you apply it after every 4-5 hours.
  •     To get the best product it is very important to check that the sunscreen attains properties that protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Best Water-Based Sunscreen Online 2023?

Using sunscreen is not just the solution that provides proper care to your skin. There are so many brands available over the internet that provide high-quality sunscreen products in the online market. But, not all products are ideal for your skin. So, you must buy sunscreen from a well-reputed brand that delivers high-quality Water -based sunscreen.

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