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How to Create the Perfect Red Carpet Look

Lights, camera, action! There is truly nothing more glamorous than a red carpet event. This occasion, or simply any high fashion evening, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. So, how do you avoid the red carpet catastrophes, and feel prepped to look and feel your best when the day comes? We’ve consulted some industry experts and compiled a list of all the top life hacks you should know!

Make Sure Your Lashes Pop

The lights and cameras surrounding the red carpet often require more bold makeup looks that will photograph well and stand out even under the lights and flashes. That’s why you won’t catch a single celebrity on the carpet that relies on mascara alone. Eyelash extensions are all the rage right now, and for a good reason, as they allow for length and volume that wouldn’t otherwise be achieved. Lash extensions are also nice because they are not as flimsy, temperamental, and temporary as fake eyelashes. There are far too many horror stories out there of fake lashes that look tacky or worse, fall off or half detach during an event. Makeup artists rely on eyelash extensions for a look in which they don’t have to worry about detachment, but still provide the more elevated look they’re going for. Don’t have a lash tech? Not to worry! A DIY lash extensions kit is available to anyone and everyone through an easy application process that can give you that effortless Hollywood glam look you’re after 24/7. 

Make Sure To Bring A Clutch

Not only does a clutch serve as the perfect finishing touch to any look, it also provides a practical purpose to hide every little thing you might want to bring along and need throughout the night. A phone, snack, and makeup for touch-ups all can be hidden into a beautiful clutch that from an outside view appears to simply add just another layer of fashion, texture, and intentionality to an outfit. Whether it’s for a red carpet look, or simply a fashion elevated outfit, most industry experts will tell you that investing in a quality clutch can breathe new life into any look! Given the opportunity, what would you secretly pack into your red carpet clutch? There’s a new version of the “what would you bring on a desert island” game. 

Make Sure Your Feet Are Comfortable

Okay, this one might seem impossible when it comes to red carpet footwear, but luckily there are some life hacks you can integrate to make for a more enjoyable and still fabulous night. The first is to pick heels upfront so that you can actually walk in. The only thing worst than a bad red carpet look is a red carpet fall. Pick shoes you are able to move gracefully in. Not to worry, there are plenty of heels out there that are simultaneously stylish and walkable. One idea in finding the perfect pair would be to keep in mind what you’re capable of pulling off. For some, height throws them off balance. For others, the width of the heel (or lack thereof) is what makes them lose their balance. You know for yourself if it’s height or width that is your bigger enemy, and you can choose accordingly whether to go for a shorter skinnier heel or a taller wedge heel. Lastly, spraying spray deodorant inside of the heel of your shoe is the ultimate life hack as it allows for your foot to remain cool, dry, and in place instead of swollen and sweaty.

Make Sure Your Garment Fits

We saved the most important for last here. Having a dress or suit that doesn’t fit right or needs to constantly be adjusted will not have you looking or feeling your best on the red carpet. When you hit the red carpet, it’ll be your time to shine, and you don’t want to spend that time pulling on fabric and getting adjusted while the lights and cameras are flashing. Girls, that means no double-sided tape. It may seem like a good idea and a quick fix at the moment but has led to serious wardrobe malfunctions for many. Fashion tape has been known to create quite an upset, such as leaving rectangular marks where a spray tan previously was. Safety pins should not be trusted either. If you’re hitting the red carpet soon, or even just a glamorous event, make sure to schedule several fittings with a seamstress leading up to the event so you have more than one chance to get it right before the big day. Try on your garment multiple times before the event so you can account for even minor changes such as weight loss. If all else fails, many celebrities’ fashion teams choose to hire on-site seamstresses for the day of the event who are there to make quick alterations in order to avoid a safety pin catastrophe.

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