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Flying Lotus Bespoke Jewelry – A masterpiece by Goldmark Oakham

Overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of Flying Lotus Jewelry
Flying Lotus is a famous luxury jewelry from the house of Goldmark Oakham. Since appearing on the market until now, Flying Lotus has always been the focus of attention of the ladies who prefer luxury.
In the world of high-end handcrafted jewelry, Goldmark Oakham is always ranked in a special position due to its impressive jewelry designs, integrated with extremely novel mechanical movements. After 75 years of establishment, Goldmark Oakham is currently holding a huge jewelry collection with a series of world-famous products. In particular, Flying Lotus is the name that is making the world’s women wobble. Flying Lotus is inspired by the white lotus of the Orient, symbolizing the purity of heart and mind. Goldmark Oakham’s predestined relationship with Flying Lotus is connected by Pierre Algernon – A dedicated artisan of Goldmark Oakham. Accordingly, on a trip to Southeast Asia, Pierre was accidentally captivated by the sophistication of the white lotus flower. Since then, the idea of the Flying Lotus was gradually revealed and transformed into a real masterpiece.

Goldmark Oakham’s Impressive Flying Lotus Masterpiece. Photo by: Goldmark Oakham

Discover the elegant beauty of the Flying Lotus Collection
The Flying Lotus 88 Ring can hypnotize all women’s eyes at first sight because of its elegance but is also full of elegance. Specifically, the splendid beauty of Flying Lotus 88 is set up from 10 white gold petals and 169 colorless diamonds weighing 1.57 carats mounted in the pistil and leaf veins. In particular, the element that makes up the noble soul of the lotus calyx is the rare blue diamond weighing 1.68 carats. If the white color of 18k white gold represents purity, the colorless of the master diamond highlights the splendor and elegance of the lotus.

Flying Lotus – the quintessence of humanity’s masterpiece. Photo by: Goldmark Oakham
To enhance the usefulness of the Flying Lotus 88, Goldmark Oakham has designed a small gold spiral on the sides of the bottom. So in addition to using the Flying Lotus as a ring, you can turn this piece of jewelry into a gorgeous pendant.

Admire the great beauty of Flying Lotus 88
Goldmark Oakham is referring to a unique brand of highly iconic product lines. Luxury – class – nobility are 3 phrases that describe Flying Lotus.

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