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Farah Naz New York Reinvents Classic Haute Couture with a Sustainable Edge

Fashion historians have traced the origins of haute couture to 1895, where Charles Frederick Worth founded the world’s first haute couture fashion house in Paris. Since then haute couture has become synonymous with luxury, tailoring, and exquisite designs. However, the timeless and classic designs of traditional haute couture have become somewhat deviated away from. Many designers, in their haute couture collections, exhibit their most avant garde and innovative designs, whilst still championing luxury and details. Classic silhouettes are still respected, although they are not as highlighted as they once were in haute couture collections. 

Farah Naz New York is a fashion house that, since its inception, has reimagined and revitalized classic and timeless haute couture silhouettes, designs, and styles. The brand focuses on chic and elegant designs, and creates ready-to-wear, formal, and bridal collections. 

The History of Farah Naz

Couture designer Farah Naz graduated from New York’s Parsons School of Design. Following her graduation, she founded her namesake label, Farah Naz New York, in 2018. 

In 2019, the label debuted its first collection and runway show at  New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 This collection incorporated haute couture and ready-to-wear garments.  The show was received well critically, and was attended by numerous leaders in the fashion world. This included representatives from publications such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and New York Fashion Chanel. This was a major turning point for the label, as critics and fans alike shared their praises for the collection on social media and publications. 

The label’s Haute Couture collection emulates the traditional aspects of the original haute couture community. This involves tremendous attention to detail, as well as every effort for luxury. Designs utilize hand beading and other arduous, but beautiful, techniques. Those that love the label do so because of its intricate, stunning, and timeless bridal and couture gowns.

Haute Couture Dresses

The label invests a great deal of its attention to its haute couture dresses and gowns. Farah Naz New York incorporates trends into their designs, but focuses on elegance and perfection. The label presents classic shapes, detailed beading, and hand embroidery. The quality and luxury of materials is deeply important to the label.

The label ensures that any woman, no matter their personal style, can find a gown that is perfect for them. Each design has a subtle point of difference between beading, slits, neckline, and silhouette. Whilst the label emphasizes a classic, subtle and modest color palette; consumers can find elegant sapphire, ruby, mauve gowns too. Additionally, the label prioritizes creating couture bridal gowns to allow brides to find a glamorous and elegant dress for their most important occasion. The beauty and intricacy of the label’s designs have made it a favorite amongst consumers who are looking for gowns and couture dresses. 

The Reinvention of Sustainable Design

Farah Naz New York, unlike many high fashion brands, focuses on sustainability and incorporates it at every level of the design process. The label has a dedicated Sustainable Collection that showcases luxury designs using sustainable and ethical materials. This particular collection highlights simplicity and classic silhouettes and techniques. Whilst the label is known for its extravagant gowns, the Sustainable Collection features sustainably sourced denim and jeans. The denim is free from harmful chemicals, and is utilized to decrease waste. Additionally, their recycled denim ensures that the lifespan of the material is extended and repurposed. 

Farah Naz New York states that, “our philosophy has always been to create fashion that not only speaks to the world of making clothing using sustainable practices, but also boosts your confidence in knowing your sustainable garment is chemical-free and environmentally friendly.”

Final Thoughts

Haute couture has evolved over the years, however, designers like Farah Naz are allowing classic and timeless haute couture designs to be revitalized and reimagined. Farah Naz New York creates beautiful, elegant, and well-crafted couture dresses for a consumer base that values luxury, sustainability and attention to detail. The label’s Sustainable Collection is also an important step in the right direction for the fashion industry. Whilst a focus is placed on couture and bridal gowns, Farah Naz also provides its consumers with high-end ready-to-wear garments that consistently reflect luxury.

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