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Fanny packs are a style trend that's poised for a comeback. Find out why you may need to revisit your opinion on fanny packs here.

Six Reasons to Rethink Your Opinion on Fanny Packs

Many people have an idea about fanny packs in their mind, and it keeps them from ever considering using these bags. Fanny packs are not only very useful, but they can also look stylish if you choose a product that has a beautiful aesthetic, and pair the fanny pack with an appropriate outfit.

Below are six reasons why you may want to rethink your opinion on fanny packs.

  1. Comfort

Imagine being able to walk around without anything in the pocket of your jeans. That is what you can achieve by using fanny packs, as you can keep all those accessories in your fanny pack.

Most people have a smartphone, wallet, keys, mints or chewing gum, and other accessories in their pockets. The result is that your jeans feel bulky and tight around your waist and thighs, which is not a pleasant experience.

Go with wholesale fanny packs and you can achieve much greater comfort on your daily commute, sightseeing trips, or outdoor activities.

  1. Perfect When Flying

A fanny pack is the ideal size for keeping your belongings when you are planning to travel by airplane or train. You can fit a boarding pass, passport, wallet, pen and notepad, and one or two other accessories in most fanny packs without a problem.

Now you do not need to worry about misplacing important documents, or constantly having to ruffle through a purse or messenger bag to find the item that you need. Everything is in a convenient place in your fanny pack.

  1. Sneak Items Into Theaters

If you are an avid fan of watching movies in theaters, you have probably noticed how theater concessions are becoming more expensive than ever. Now you can avoid those crazy prices by sneaking in snacks and a drink inside your fanny pack.

While theaters routinely ask to see what is inside someone’s messenger bag, or ask them to keep the messenger bag at the ticket counter before going inside, no one will bother you about your fanny pack. You can sneak in your favorite snacks and pay a fraction of the price to enjoy them during the movie.

  1. Versatility

The beauty of a fanny pack is that you can make it into anything you want. Perhaps you want a small space to keep your electronic accessories, such as your smartphone, wireless headphones, battery pack, and external hard drive. 

Others may want to keep a few makeup accessories when they go out for a day trip to the city or at a nearby park. Rather than needing to bring a giant purse, or go without those items for the whole day, you can keep them tucked away in your fanny pack.

If you are planning to travel in the near future, or you often find yourself spending the entire day outside of the house, you may want to start carrying a fanny pack.

  1. Pockets for Days

Sometimes you may want to wear clothes that do not have any pockets. Most men’s athletic shorts do not have any pockets, or have very small pockets that can barely fit anything inside. The same is true for women’s shorts, leggings and jogging pants.

If you are going out for a walk in your neighborhood, planning a hike with friends, or going running first thing in the morning, you may want to take a few essential belongings. Your smartphone, headphones, and keys can be useful to keep on your person, but you may find that a challenge if your shorts or pants have no pockets.

Rather than needing to hold these items in your hand, or having to leave them behind, you can use a fanny pack to carry these belongings. They will fit snugly into your fanny pack, which you can tighten onto your waist so that it is not moving around while you are walking or jogging.

  1. Security

If you are visiting a busy city or you live in one, you may have noticed that theft has increased in the past few years. A fanny pack is one of the best ways to avoid having your personal belongings stolen, as no one will be able to grab a fanny pack off your waist while you are walking around or standing somewhere.

A fanny pack is one of the best investments you can make. You can fit so many useful items in there, and you will not have to take a massive purse or messenger bag with you each time you go out.

Fanny packs are available at very modest rates online, and you can find one that matches your ideal aesthetic and use case.

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