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Fall Wardrobe Essentials for Men

If summer is known for relaxing and rejuvenating, fall is the time to kick into high gear and start getting things done. Fall means back to school for students, primetime for professionals, and everyone is aiming to perform–and look–their best. 

For the guys out there, get ready to swap out the Hawaiian shirts for a long sleeve henley and some more sensible garments that make you look sharp, smart, and timeless. 

Here’s our rapid-fire fall wardrobe fashion guide for men who are ready to level up their wardrobes.

High-Quality Denim

The best denim is meant to last a lifetime (almost), but that doesn’t mean you should wear the same pairs of jeans every month of the year. Curate a set of durable denim to wear during the cooler months, playing with a range of washes from light blues to dark grays.

Treat your denim right, and it will only get better with age. Add just one or two pairs to your collection each fall season, and you’ll be in denim heaven before long.

Cool Weather Chore Coat

What makes a chore coat the perfect piece of autumn apparel? It’s the ultimate combo of utility, style, durability, and mix-and-match potential that makes the chore coat a no-brainer pickup this fall.

These coats are great for working outdoors, commuting to the office, or stepping out for a coffee or afternoon stroll. They’re also built for a range of weather conditions, so you’ll never be left out in the cold.

Long Sleeve Henley

Few items can be layered and showcased quite like a classic long sleeve henley. The signature shirts feature a few well-placed buttons and a casual collar that adds a rustic yet professional touch to any look.

When shopping for a long sleeve henley, the fit is king, but materials matter too. Compare brands by how they look and feel, rather than prestige and price tag. 

You’ll find that your favorite long sleeve henley features moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that flatter your physique and layer with ease.

Collared Cardigan

Only wear a collared cardigan if you’re ready to receive some compliments and double takes when out and about. These are relatively simple pieces that pack a high-fashion punch, especially when paired with other business casual classics.

You will love the cozy comfort of a cardigan, and the oversized buttons make it fun to layer up and down. Once you try it out, there’s no going back.

Stylish Black Boots

Have your boots been collecting dust all summer long? It’s time to polish them up for fall, or invest in a new pair to break in over the coming months. Boots give you an inch or two of elevation while also enhancing your daily outfits with a streetwise edge.

Not all boots need to be military-inspired or punk rock. Chukkas and Chelseas are still menswear favorites and may be better suited for an office environment. 

Black boots are just a suggestion, of course. Consider stepping out of the expected colorways with your next pair of boots, testing out gray matte, olive, tobacco, and burnt copper colors. 

Upgraded Leather Jacket

Not everyone is ready for an authentic leather jacket, but if you’re ready to take that leap, fall is the time to make it happen. 

Take your time to shop for a leather jacket and expect to pay for quality, looking for hand-stitched details and high-quality hardware. Avoid cheap metals and weak inner linings. 

Most importantly, the right leather jacket should fit like a glove and feel like a second skin of sorts. You should feel totally at ease wearing the jacket over a t-shirt or long sleeve henley, for instance.

The one restriction here is cost: the best jackets are well into the $1000-plus range. We recommend waiting until you can afford the real deal, and skipping the faux leather and synthetic materials. 

Flannel Button Downs

To summarize fall vibes in a concise catchphrase, look no further than the cabincore aesthetic that can be applied to fashion, design, and more. Picture log cabins, hot cocoa, crackling fireplaces, and plenty of fuzzy flannel button-downs to go around.

Your flannel is like a portable blanket, so prioritize quality fabrics and wear them well. Polyester blends should be avoided in favor of authentic mid-weight cotton, wool, and yarn blends. The softer the better, though durability should not be discounted. 

All-Weather Joggers

Not every outfit you wear during fall needs to be fashion-magazine ready. Indulging in athleisure from time to time is normal and expected. We’re talking about hoodies, athletic quarter-zips, and plenty of comfy joggers to brave the cold.

Remember that joggers differ from sweatpants in a few key ways, including fit, breathability, and fashion-forward style. Find joggers that match your vibe and stock up for the fall season ahead.

Your Wardrobe, Complete for Fall

Stop panicking about your fall fashion plan and stick with the essentials outlined here. You can’t go wrong with these timeless picks with a few modern twists for good measure.

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