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10 Types Of Dress Styles: What Is Yours?

The types of dress styles are not used to corset but to help women have a reference when configuring their outfits. Each style has its fashion icons, women who have managed to find such a characteristic form of expression that when we think of a style, we think of them.

Women’s fashion styles, what is yours?

You don’t have to be obsessed with finding your own style because most of us move among several and we decide depending on where we go, how comfortable we want to be, or even what mood we have.  

Anvisha invites you to explore! Don’t stick to one style, let alone just a few types of clothing. You could be surprised to see how well you have clothes that you had banished.

1. Classic

We confess that it is one of the fashion styles that we like the most because it is one of the most harmonious, elegant, and timeless. Betting on the classic is always a safe value, although to find that point of sophistication and glamour you also have to develop criteria. It’s a matter of practice!    

Bet on neutral colours such as blue, coffee, burgundy, beige, grey, and, of course, the black/white pairing. Better flat fabrics with some ribbed reliefs and, for party nights, satin textures.    

2. Romantic

To give you an idea, the romantic style is very royal. It is the one that the classic Disney princesses would choose, but be careful not to go too overloaded. And it is that the garments stand out for their high ornamentation and the three-dimensional cuts.   

For a night out, a dress with transparencies and gemstones forming geometries and natural motifs would be what a “romantic” girl would choose. Silver or gold would be her favourite colours.  

3. Boho 

Among the different styles of dress, the beginnings of this are usually located at the beginning of the year 2000. It combines the hippy and the bohemian, so it is a style with a lot of personality that is not easy to nail. The good thing is that you don’t have to imitate it, but adapt it to what you like. Like everyone else!   

Maxi dresses, crochet or macramé garments, hats, and garments with ethnic prints or vests are some of the great allies of this style. 

4. Sporty

A few years ago we learned about the concept of athleisure, which promotes the use of sportswear on a day-to-day basis without giving up glamour. You can go chic with outfits traditionally reserved for physical exercise, which is difficult. Those who achieve it carry a lot of personality.        

Do not miss sports shoes, sweatshirts, t-shirts, or sweatpants, which you can combine with miniskirts and jeans. The big advantage is that of comfort.

5. Fashion 

It is also called trendy. It is not a style in itself but rather defines a practice: always following fashion trends. Those who adhere to it wear what it takes, but it is not a question of assuming any current without criteria, but of adapting it to a personal style.   

To follow this style, wear whatever it takes. It will force you to get new clothes season after season, but since fashion is cyclical, there will always be things that you can rescue. 

6. Hipster 

It is the style of non-conformist women who refuse to wear a corset. That’s why they mix grunge, boho, and hippie to create original looks with a gothic touch. With discretion, yes, so as not to look like a collage.          

An oversized t-shirt, ripped jeans, and flat boots can serve as a start to explore this style. You can crown it with some cool sunglasses, wool hats in the winter, and whatever you can think of to give the touch.

7. Grunge 

Grunge is a style similar to the previous one, with the difference that it is more rigid. We mean that, although hipster is more eclectic and admits more mix, grunge sticks to the rebellious and carefree.     

If you’re lost, imagine yourself wearing ripped black jeans, a T-shirt from your favourite band, combat boots, and a plaid overshirt. That’s grungy.  

8. Minimalist

Minimalism sweeps the decorative styles for the home and also in fashion. It is based on the maxim that less is more, so it is located in a line opposite to that of the romantic style, for example. It is more similar to the classic, with which it shares advantages such as timelessness. 

Masculine cut coats, basic garments, and neutral colours are the kings of this style. But don’t be fooled, because minimalist does not mean plain and boring. What’s more, it can be difficult to compose a chic look, because it often sins of blandness.   

9. Preppy 

Perhaps the term is similar to repipe, but no. It takes as a reference the dress style of upper-class American female students, so it is one of the most youthful women’s fashion styles. And more posh.  

Pleated skirts, white shirts, polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, or headbands are part of the preppy girls ‘ wardrobe.  They tend to take risks and combine, managing to compose very athleisure looks with their own style.    

10. Urban-chic 

It is also called streetwear. It is a freestyle, we would even say that it works as a mixed bag. Follow the trends, but adapt them to your preferences to gain comfort and self-confidence.    

Jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and blazers are considered the basics of this style. Frequently opting for the combination of volumes, for example, oversize on top and tight below.   

Finding your own style is fine, but getting out of the usual and being a transgressor is too. So start finding yours!

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