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Planning a big night out on the town? If a casino is part of your plans, be sure to wear the right kind of clothes. Without them, you won't be able to play.

The right clothes for casino establishments

A casino is a place where you can get great pleasure not only from the games, but also from the atmosphere of the establishment itself. Whether it’s casinos not using gamestop or a land-based casino, each one will give you incredible emotions. But how did the casino become as popular as it is today?

History of the casino

Horse racing first took place in England back in the 16th century, and card games and the lottery were held back in the Elizabethan era as a way to raise funds needed for public needs. Since then, gambling in any form has gained a reputation as a controversial pastime.

Some people believed that such games could help diversify the board and were a great tool for pastime as well as a tool for training the intellect, while others held a different view and tried to ban them for religious and ethnic reasons.

The scales touched from one side to the other, as did the confrontation of supporters and opponents, and gambling, meanwhile, was either banned or still allowed, but subject to strict regulation.

A little later, the country adopted its own laws relating to gambling. So in the 19th century, a ban was introduced, but resourceful owners understood what a good income such games brought and found a way out: they bribed the authorities and the police, continuing to work in pubs.

Other parts of the law banned the games on the grounds that they unleashed more crime than they were beneficial. On this basis, some of the gambling business went underground.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, two major royal lottery and betting commissions were formed to implement gambling reforms to reduce crime rates and increase gambling revenues for the government. 

These actions led to the decision in 1960 that gambling could be conducted in state-licensed betting shops and casino establishments. This was followed by a succession of other laws issued to regulate the establishment and construction of casinos, the convenience of each gambling establishment, and their PR/advertising.

In order to establish clear rules for gambling and to monitor and control its circulation, the “Gambling Act” of 2005 established the “British Gambling Council,” which was replaced by the “Gambling Commission” in 2007. In addition to regulating and issuing licenses, the “Gambling Commission” also conducts research on the gambling market in Great Britain.

Compared with other countries, the British model of gambling regulation is probably the most beneficial for all involved: operators, players and government.

Soon it allowed the owners of the institutions to go even further and open a lot of institutions in the online space, so there appeared independent casinos not on gamestop, which began to offer even more opportunities.

At the same time, land-based casinos imposed some restrictions on visits, for example, began to apply some rules concerning the appearance of players.

What outfit to choose to visit a casino?

Choosing what to wear to a casino can be quite a challenge. After all, for most people it is a completely new place. The only experience associated with such establishments many have is based on watching American movies. Meanwhile, today’s land-based gambling clubs are very different, as are the clothing requirements of potential guests. There are a few tips on how to avoid choosing the wrong look for a vacation at a premium casino.

Where to look for information about the dress code?

First, check the atmosphere at the casino you decide to visit. Look at the website and photos available online. Sometimes it happens that the establishment will publish information about appropriate attire or standards of dress that are considered acceptable. Even if there are no specific tips, the presentation and appearance of the casino will help in the choice of attire. Pictures of customers or staff against an elegant backdrop indicate that the gambling club adheres to certain rules.

You can’t wear tracksuits, leggings or sneakers in the casino. On the other hand, if you expect to see a casino based on casino movies, you risk ending up in a luxury suit.

The best solutions

If you can’t find information online, it’s safer to opt for an elegant casual dress code. For men, this means having a jacket. It is not necessary to wear a one-piece suit – ordinary pants or more elegant jeans are enough, and the traditional shirt can be replaced by a model of thick cotton fabric. A polo shirt in a more classic style will also do.

For women in the canon of gambling elegance it is safest to choose a simple sophisticated image – a skirt or dress, classic shoes, fine jewelry and discreet makeup.

Beware of excess

Of course, there are more elegant casinos with customers in evening gowns. In this case, a cocktail dress and slightly higher, slimmer heels will do for women. However, it is not necessary to wear ballroom suits. It is appropriate to choose an elegant dress with a classic jacket or cardigan. Men should not wear the so-called “white tie” straight from the Oscars – it will be a clear exaggeration.

In any case, it is better to avoid accessories such as:

  •  backpacks
  •  shopping bags
  •  athletic shoes (except for indoor sporting events)
  •  work clothes
  •  shorts
  •  sweatpants

It is worth checking out where the casino is located, and accordingly enhance the elegance of your closet. Probably if the casino is located in a presentable hotel – it is important to work out the dress code better. You can also ask your companions what they plan to wear. In the event of a puncture, it’s always best not to be the only person who fails.

Separate dress code for poker players

Slightly different rules apply to poker rooms. If you plan to visit a special room with a poker table, you can take and complement your image with additional accessories: a hat, sweatshirt or sunglasses.


Remember, a casino is not a standard place that you can come to like your home. It is an elite establishment that is designed to give pleasure to players and if you want to get that pleasure, you must follow simple rules and adhere to the terms of entry, including the dress code.

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