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There are tons of flat cap options in the world. Here are some tips on how to choose the flat cap that fits you best.

How to choose a flat cap that matches your style

Your style says more about you than you think. It influences how other people perceive you, but it also influences how you feel about yourself. If you are happy with your style, you are more likely to be more self-confident. Discovering your style is a journey in itself, but it is a very rewarding one for your self-image. Style is not only about brands.

It is about adding a personal touch to your look. For example, if you love one particular article of clothing, incorporating it into your style is a good idea. Anything can become stylish if you give it your personal touch, even garments that are very commonly worn, such as flat caps. If you love wearing flat caps, you might be interested in how to choose a flat cap that would fit your style perfectly. You can find ideas for Irish flat caps here. 

The perfect type of flat cap for your style

Different types of hats communicate different things. Some might see the flat cap as not that different from a baseball hat, for example. This, however, is very far away from the truth. A flat cap that is styled correctly can be worn with any kind of attire, be it formal or casual. The first thing you have to do when you choose a flat cap for your style is to decide what type of flat cap you want. The most popular one is the Irish flat cap.

These caps have a lean body and don’t have a button at the top. Another type of popular flat cap is the newsboy hat. This one has a looser silhouette, so it looks puffier. It features eight triangular panels that are sealed with a button at the top. The Irish flat cap makes a stronger statement. It can be worn with a casual outfit or a more athletic outfit for a cool and rugged vibe. It can also be worn with a more classic outfit for a more gentlemanly look. Either way, it communicates self-confidence. A newsboy cap makes a softer statement, but it’s no less stylish.

The perfect material for your flat cap

Another thing to keep in mind is the material. Traditionally, flat caps are made of wool or tweed, but cotton, linen, and corduroy are also pretty popular materials. These materials are suitable for wearing on chilly or cold days. If you are wearing a leather jacket, an Irish flat cap would work best because it brings an even cooler feel to the outfit as a whole. If you are wearing a nice classic coat, a newsboy hat would probably complement it even more.

For warmer days, you have the linen flat cap. This one goes well with anything, be it a simple T-shirt or a neat shirt. If your style is more unconventional, you can go for a denim or leather flat cap. These types of flat caps are suited for bolder looks. For a more fun look, you can choose a patterned cap. If your style is more eccentric and colorful, then patchwork caps would definitely work for you. 

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