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Ceramic wedding bands are a great alternative compared to other metallic or alloyed varieties. Check out our guide to ceramic wedding bands.

5 Things You Must Know about Ceramic Wedding Bands for Your Special Day

Ceramic wedding bands are a great alternative compared to other metallic or alloyed varieties. The greatest benefit of these rings is their price in contrast to other wedding rings available in the market. Just because ceramic rings cost less, it does not mean that they are not durable or lack special features or attributes. 

According to an article published in Vogue, when a man asks for his bride’s hand, it implies putting aside at least two months’ salary to buy the best wedding band for her and him. Then, when you shop for ceramic rings for men, you need not worry about the price tag. 

In this article, you will learn about the five essential things about ceramic wedding bands for men. Read on to learn more. 

  1. Ceramic is hard-wearing 

Modern men prefer ceramic wedding jewelry because they are resistant to wear and tear. The jewelry is also not prone to cracking like Tungsten. It is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear not only on the wedding day but also for daily use. 

If you would like to choose a ring that calls for little maintenance and not fret over the jewelry being damaged or tarnished, ceramic is your best bet. Ceramic is also perfect for those who cannot wear gold or any metal that causes skin irritations, especially men with sensitive skin types. 

  1. Intricate engravings possible

Yes, you can customize ceramic wedding bands with beautiful engravings. You can use diamond engraving to write a special love message or some inscription. All you need to do is ask the jeweler to get the engraving done. Then, if you choose to engrave, it will cost you more for the ring. You may visit website specializing in ceramic rings as well as skilled in engraving. 

  1. Hypoallergenic 

You can choose ceramic wedding bands because they are hypoallergenic. The material is made of titanium carbide, which is purely organic and natural. Ceramic is unlike metal rings that have allergens, which are not suitable for men with sensitive skin types. 

Therefore, if you have rashes, fingers turning a green color, or itchiness, ceramic wedding bands are safe for sensitive skin. 

  1. Black ceramic bands are scratch-resistant

When it comes to jewelry-marked ceramic, it is tough and resistant to scratch. Yes, you can choose a classic black ceramic wedding band and need not worry about scratches even when you use it daily. That is why men who are into tough jobs prefer buying black ceramic rings. Even if there is a scratch, the color underneath will show, which is black. It means scratches will not become discernible unless one looks at the ring from a close distance. Then, nine times out of ten, ceramic rings are not susceptible to scratches. 

  1. Last for several years

Yes, your ceramic wedding band will last for years, even a lifetime. It calls for little maintenance like polishing the ring with a soft, damp cloth to get rid of the dirt. If you have a white ceramic band, clean its surface with mild soap and lukewarm water. 


There are many reasons to shop for ceramic wedding bands. Hope the information helps you choose the best ring for your big day. 

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