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Meteorite wedding bands are the rings that are created from debris out of Earth.

Top 4 Tips to Know the Authenticity of Your Meteorite Wedding Bands

Meteorite wedding bands are the rings that are created from debris out of Earth. Not only they are unique and rare materials, but they are one of the most perfect materials for wedding bands. While it might seem that creating wedding bands from a meteorite is a new trend, jewelers have been using this material for hundreds of years to create wedding bands and other pieces of jewelry. 

The main thing that makes meteorite wedding bands special is the pattern. Upon polishing, the pattern of the meteorite wedding bands becomes very distinct and unique. This is the indication that proves the extra-terrestrial origin of the material.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous vendors try to sell fake meteorite wedding bands to their customers. And if you don’t know how to determine the authenticity of meteorite wedding bands, you’ll be scammed easily. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will help you to know if your meteorite wedding band is authentic. 

Meteorite Wedding Bands Come with a Certificate of Authenticity

Your wedding ring vendor must be capable of providing you a certificate of authenticity when you purchase a meteorite wedding bandThis is one of the best ways to determine if your wedding band material is legit or not. Many people believe in their vendors and purchase meteorite wedding bands without any certification. However, they end up getting fake material as there’s no way to prove the authenticity of their material. Hence, it’s important to purchase meteorite wedding bands only when certificates are available. 

Real Meteorite Wedding Bands are Magnetic

Another quick way of identifying the authenticity of your meteorite wedding bands is by checking the band with a magnet. As per the American Museum of Natural History, a meteorite is a piece of rock that falls to earth from space. Since 99% of meteorites are composed of mainly nickel and iron, they will react to a magnet. However, remember that only a very small percentage of meteorite wedding bands don’t have magnetic properties. But, there will be some minor attraction. If your meteorite wedding bands don’t have any magnetic properties, it’s likely to be a fake material. 

They Will Rust

Meteorite wedding bands will undoubtedly rust. The heavy iron composition of meteorite wedding bands is the primary reason behind its rusting properties. Even though there are many different meteorite wedding bands available at that are rust-resistant and stable, but all meteorite wedding bands develop rust at some point. However, many times rust won’t occur in your meteorite wedding bands. But, if you do notice your meteorite wedding band is forming some rust, don’t worry. It proves that the material is authentic and unique.  

Strong Acid Damages the Meteorite Wedding Bands

Remember that meteorite wedding bands aren’t capable of withstanding strong acids such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid. However, testing the authenticity of your wedding bands by their acid reaction will cause damage to the wedding rings. So, this method isn’t highly recommended. In case if your meteorite wedding band comes in contact with strong acid and doesn’t experience damage, the material is most likely to be a fake. 


These are the top 4 tips you need to remember while determining the authenticity of your meteorite wedding bands. If you want to purchase a meteorite wedding band for your special day, make sure you choose a trusted and reliable vendor. They will provide you a genuine meteorite ring as well as certification. 

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