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'The Nanny' is a timeless show that launched tons of timeless looks from Fran Drescher. Check out how to recreate these Fran Fine looks from the 90s sitcom.

Loving ‘The Nanny’ on HBO Max? Here’s how to recreate Fran’s fashion IRL

A time capsule of ‘90s pop culture, the beloved sitcom The Nanny has made its home on HBO Max this month with all six seasons readily available to watch on the streamer. 

Along with a fairytale romance, bright comedy spells, and a timeless narrative – The Nanny featured another precious aspect that’s unforgettable about the show – Fran’s top-tier fashion.

The Nanny’s premise itself calls for a fashionable Fran, both as Drescher & Fine. The Nanny follows Fran Fine (Fran Drescher), a daring fashionista who follows no one’s rules and faces a rough patch after her boyfriend kicks her out in one of those crushing, heartbreak scenes. Fine ends up as the nanny to the three children of Maxwell Sheffield, a wealthy, widowed Broadway producer – and hilarity ensues. 

Endless charm

As Fran Drescher elaborated in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “[The Nanny was] an anomaly unto itself. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. The sexual tension is off the scale. It’s a Cinderella fantasy. The clothes are just like a beautiful, incredible fashion show every single week.”

“It’s got that kind of double entendre where you can watch it with the family, and everybody of every different age will enjoy it in their own way. And yet, it’s got kind of like edgy, gay humor. It never lost its cool,” said Dresher, reminiscing about the show’s endless charm. 

Fran Drescher revealed her experience on The Nanny by saying, “I can’t tell you how blessed I feel that I am part of a project that has been such an amazing, enduring, incredible piece of art.”


Fashionista Fran’s impact

From elegant Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairdos to jaw-dropping full-body leather sets to luxe satin robes, Fran Fine presented the audience with as many chic, eye-candy looks in The Nanny as possible.

Designers such as Moschino, Donna Karan, Todd Oldham, Paco Rabanne, and more were represented in The Nanny’s fashion portfolio. 

“The clothes just made such a powerful impact on everybody. It was such a visual treat. [We understood] right from the get-go that television is a visual media, and everything has to be beautiful, and everything has to be better than real life. Comedy is an escape, and that’s the way we wanted it to be,” said Fran Drescher about the avant-garde looks portrayed on The Nanny

Recreate the looks

While it’s difficult to bring the high-end designer grace of The Nanny’s Fran Fine off-screen, we’ve found ways to incorporate some of her legendary ‘90s fashion pieces into our daily fashion. 


Black suit with leopard print collar

The leading fashionista’s favorite costume from the show according to Harper’s Bazaar, the black suit with a faux-fur leopard print stands iconic for Fran Fine’s character on The Nanny.

While it might be difficult to replicate the same outfit, pairing a black blazer/bomber jacket/puffed sleeve jacket with a leopard printed plush scarf around the neck would give the outfit a similar look. Accessorizing with a black or animal printed beret will take you right back to the ‘90s sitcom. 

Cardigan & miniskirt combo

One of the style staples for Fran Fine was a cardigan and a matching mini-skirt combo but not without a headband completing the ‘90s look. We recommend looking for the two-piece sets with a plaid or a polka-dot print to amp up the ‘90s effect. 

Accessorizing with stockings & mary janes/buckled pumps will serve to complete the Fran Fine look!

Pop of color

Fran Fine’s bold moments on The Nanny were countless, and our favorites include the outfits with bright pink items of clothing as the showstopper. Whether it’s a bold neon pink skirt made of latex or a turtleneck pink crop top, pink took another level of class on Fran Fine.

Pairing a dark pink turtleneck with a houndstooth skirt or pinafore dress paired with ankle-length boots would make for a refreshing look to try this summer. 

What are your favorite Fran Fine looks from The Nanny? Are you planning to recreate any? Let us know below!

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