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8 Ways to Take the Fall Fashion Season by Storm

For the true fashionistas, there’s nothing quite like a fall showcase. As the weather cools down, more style options are made available, and you can explore a broader range of colors and textures. It’s also a great time to double down on staples like your favorite black bag or pair of boots. 

Today, we’re talking about eight ways to take the fall fashion season by storm, so that you have enough inspiration to last you until winter.

1. Keep Some Summer Essentials

Summer may be behind us, but don’t go storing or donating all your warm-weather garments quite yet. You never know when you might need an extra t-shirt, tank top, or lightweight pair of pants to navigate a warmer fall day.

Plus, summer gear is ideal for layering, and athleisure never goes out of style. If your standard gym outfit doesn’t provide enough coverage, just throw on a sweater, hoodie, or a trusted beanie hat for cold mornings and nights.

2. More Durable Materials

Ever notice how the best fall fashions are based on tough materials like denim and leather? Whether it’s a chore jacket or your best suede shoes, you want to include some heavy-duty fabrics to keep you warm and looking on point. Even your standard black bag should be well-built. 

This is the time to break out the fleece, the flannel, the merino wool, and even some cashmere or mohair if you’ve got the cash. Even if the styles aren’t revolutionary, the high-quality materials will speak for themselves and make an impression.

3. Versatile Layers

Layering is an art, and fall is the best time to master this craft. We suggest organizing your wardrobe to facilitate quick and easy layers, rather than improvising each outfit based on what’s within reach (and not in the laundry bin).

For guys especially, the “capsule wardrobe” approach is powerful when creating layer-centric arrangement of clothes. This helps you visualize each outfit before you put it on, saving you time and providing a simple style hack.

4. Test Out Color Palettes

Don’t think that September means you need to say goodbye to bright and bold colors. Fall might be the right time for a black bag and dark jacket/jean combo, but a few color splashes can help you stand out in a sea of neutrals.

Try out lighter tans and khakis, reds and maroons, and even some shades of blue or army green. You can always fall back on standard greys and blacks if you step too far out of your comfort zone.

5. Accessories and Accents

While summer is all about sparkling with statement pieces, accessorizing for fall is meant to be more subdued and understated. Upgrade to that nice nautical watch instead of beaded bracelets, and stick to one or two necklaces without the flashy pendants and jewels.

You won’t be showing as much skin during fall, so opt for quality over quantity with your accent pieces. A portable black bag is something both men and women can use to their advantage.  

6. A Professional Edge

Fall means back to school, and back to work for much of the population. We’re not saying you need a fitted suit for every day at the office, but a more serious approach to fashion can pay off. Add some business casual favorites to your wardrobe like chinos, button-ups, and a nice blazer or two.

By keeping your attire slightly more professional, you’re automatically a step ahead in this casual fashion culture of ours.

7. Invest in Staples

Maybe it’s that leather jacket you’ve been eyeing for years, or that black bag that always seemed out of reach. If you’ve been budgeting on fashion all summer long, this is the perfect time to invest in staple items that will last you for years to come.

This isn’t to say you should go chasing social media trends and overpay for stuff that will be quickly forgotten in a sea of hashtags. Sick with garments and accessories that only get better with age and will always have a place in your cool weather wardrobe.

8. Rugged Footwear Favorites

The flip-flops and slip-ons are not going to cut it in the cold weather. It’s time to treat yourself to some nice leather loafers, boots, chukkas, chelseas, or any other style that suits you.

Oxfords and Derby’s are ideal for men in the professional world, while tougher sneakers and casual boots are best for students. Women have way more range here, but the most comfort and coverage come from wedges and flats. Even casual loafers can be a smash-hit.

Revamp Your Fall Fashion

From college campuses to office buildings and trendy restaurants, you can tell when fall fashion season takes off. Don’t let another season go by without stepping up your style and making the most of your looks. 


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