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Before you ride, you need all the right safety gear to protect you. Peruse our handy checklist to see what you might be missing here!

The Ultimate Guide to Top Motorcycle Safety Gear

Before you take out your motorcycle on the roads, you must wear durable motorcycle safety gear. Wearing a helmet, gloves, leather jacket, back protector, and boots is essential for saving your body from injuries. Appropriate protective gear also keeps you warm and comfortable and helps you enjoy the ride. 

Whether you buy motorcycle safety gear for the first time, or you just want to replace a helmet or gloves, this guide will help you make the right decision. 

Choosing the Top Motorcycle Gear – Everything You Need To Know 

Helmets: Designed for the safety of your head and neck, the helmet is the first and the most essential motorcycle safety gear. Brian, the owner at Rev Corner official website, says, 

“Helmets play a vital role in reducing the risk of serious head and brain injuries by reducing the force to the head. In addition, wearing a helmet improves the riding efficiency as well as ensures the biker’s security.”

Type: Most bikers get tempted to purchase half-helmets and the latest thin chin-bar retro designs. However, the half helmet does not protect the face, chin, and cheeks area. 

Safety Rating: In the US, the basic safety rating for motorcycle helmets is DOT. However, it is better to look for helmets that meet the European ECE 22.05 standard. This rating provides superior resistance against large-level impact. Brands such as Shoei and Arai have developed another rating, the Snell M2010, that can withstand two moderate impacts. 

Fit: Next comes the sizing of helmets far beyond the typical small, medium, and large sizes. They come in oval or round shapes with various shell styles and padding distribution. Choose a helmet that fits well and does not move over on the head freely. However, it should not be tight enough to cause pressure on the head and face. 

Age: Helmets are designed to withstand impact once in their lifetime. After they face an accident or a drop, they cannot protect themselves in the same way they were designed for. Therefore it is necessary to replace them in such cases. You should never buy used or model-display helmets. It is recommended that under normal circumstances, riders should replace a helmet every three to five years.

Face Shields or Visors: These stylish helmet modifications may limit your visibility to dangerous levels when the sunlight is low. Therefore it is better to avoid them.

Choosing the right Jackets, Pants, and Suits:

Another riding essential that every motorcyclist should wear are riding pants and a jacket suit. Even if your commute is just limited to your college or office, it is better to wear them to avoid possible injuries. While choosing the gear, make sure that it should fit comfortably on your body. Too much tight or too much loose fitted gear will cause discomfort and minimize the protection. 

Leather: Leather is the most popular jacket and pant material among motorcycle riding enthusiasts. Leather provides good protection because of its thick and heavy layers. However, leather can annoy a rider during hot weather. Use leather suits with vents if you are planning to ride with them in summer.

Textile: Textile jackets are more ventilated, waterproof, and lightweight. They come in various qualities depending on the brand. The durability depends on the features of the textile used in their manufacture. 

Armor: Gear armor is intended for protecting the shoulders, back, hips, and elbows, including the major joints from severe injuries. They are usually tested and certified for CE (confromite Europeene) as a safety standard. CE is further classified as CE level 1 and CE level 2. The CE level 2 has a better level of effective absorption than the CE1.

Motorcycle Jeans: Most beginner riders try to ride with their normal denim jeans. However, normal jeans cannot withstand any crashes. It burns or disintegrates when it touches the road. 

Fortunately, you can buy durable motorcycle jeans from any motorcycle gear store or online. These jeans are constructed with Kevlar reinforcement panels. Sometimes CE coating is provided at the hip and knee areas for additional protection. They are stylish and comfortable also. 

Choosing the right gloves:

Next comes the gloves, which serve as fundamental protection for your delicate hands. They also prevent wrist, hand, and elbow injuries and shocks. Choose gloves that have palm sliders. Consider the construction and material of gloves impact their durability, especially the quality of stitching. 

Choosing the right boots:

When we check the statistics, we know that the rider’s feet are most likely to get crushed in case of a crash. Contact with the ground is sufficient to damage the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments present in your feet. 

Not wearing appropriate motorcycle boots may result in unnecessary trouble. Luckily, many attractive, affordable, and safe motorcycle boots are available in the market. When searching for the best boots, you have to keep in mind that they should. 

  • Protect the ankle bone
  • Provide a firm grip on the motorcycle’s foot-peg
  • Feature additional padding, steel shanks, and sliders for extra protection against crushing injuries

Choose the best motorcycle boots that fit comfortably in your legs and feet. Loose or tight-fitted boots may become a constant source of distraction and fatigue for the rider. 

If you're thinking about buying an electric motorcycle for your kid, read here for a guide on buying motorcycle for kids.

Don’t Forget the Hearing Protection:

Though you may skip it, they make a difference. When you go on a long ride without them, you will feel the fatigue by constantly listening to the horns, sirens, and even the rumbling of winds. Grab a nice, inexpensive pair of earplugs and make your ride more comfortable. 


So now you see that buying new motorcycle gear is not a simple job that you can accomplish quickly. You need to spend hours and hours choosing and trying each one of them. Only with this hard work and determination can you find motorcycle gear that you can rely on. After all, it’s about your safety, comfort, and style. 

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