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Essay writing can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Break down your essay writing process and craft a great essay by following these simple steps.

How to write an exemplification essay with detailed guidelines

An exemplification essay is nothing but a modified version of an argumentative essay or an analytical essay. It might seem a little bit confusing at first and students could need some essay writing help while writing their exemplification essay or they might even take the help of some essay service providers but it is not as difficult as it seems to be.

When you are writing an argumentative essay you have to use various facts and figures, pieces of examples to support your point, quotations, references, etc, but when you are writing an exemplification essay you have to use only the examples to support your viewpoint and to take it as source material.

The examples can be a certain experience of your life or events that occurred in the past. Examples are far more understandable than the complicated facts and figures and they also give the reader a chance to personally connect with the essay.

1. Selection of the topic

If you are able to choose a good topic then almost half of your work is done or half of the chances of your success in writing an exemplification essay are made. You have to carefully choose a topic that is very unique, specific, current, and useful.

If your topic even covers one of these criteria then you are going to get a lot of essay writing help. Topics related to these criteria invokes a lot of interest in the readers as they think that by reading your essay they will get to know about something new or useful.

Your topic should also not be too broad like water conservation because it is a very common topic and although you will find plenty of material to write in or plenty of examples to put in, you still would not be able to hold on to the reader’s interest or attention.

If your topic is too narrow then it might be possible that you would not get enough examples of it to put in your essay, the readers would also not be able to connect with your essay properly.  Reliable paper writing services are also an option to get some really unique essay topics.

2. Research

The more time you will give to your research the more material you will have to write in your exemplification essay. Because an exemplification essay is all about the examples that you put in, it is very important to find real examples.

It can be only possible if you are conducting your research from a reliable and valid source. The sources that we suggest are reliable newspapers and magazines which have a history of providing unbiased and true information, student journals, academic journals that are peer-reviewed, and various books for sure.

3. Selection of examples

Selecting the right examples is a very important thing and if you are doing it the right way then you are surely going to get a lot of essay writing help. You should totally avoid using too many examples as it would spoil the whole theme and mood of your essay.

4. Planning of the essay

Doing proper planning of the exemplification essay is very important as you can not go a long way without properly having things planned out. You have to allot a specific amount of time to each and every section of your essay and work according to it only.

5. Writing the introduction and conclusion

Writing the body paragraphs is something that can not be talked about as everyone has their own way of doing it but when it comes to writing the introduction and the conclusion we are here to provide you with some essay writing help.

Your introduction is the chance to get the attention of the interest of the readers and to provide them with a gist of your whole essay. Your introduction should be very interesting and it should force the readers to read your whole essay.

You can make your introduction interesting by stating some unusual facts or figures, you could also give out some bold statements or pose some questions so that the readers would get interested in finding the answers to those questions in the body of your essay. 

Writing a good conclusion is equally important as if you are not able to have an impact on the reader at the end of your essay then your work is of no use. You have written a conclusion that is very strong and sums up your essay in such a manner that the reader leaves with an impact in their thinking about the topic.

Before writing the conclusion make sure that you have answered every question in the body paragraphs because if any question is unanswered it will leave a bad impact on the reader. You should also not start a new topic, argument, or example while writing your conclusion.

6. Proofreading and editing

These two are a very important step and should not be avoided at any cost. You should make sure that there is ample time left for proofreading and editing so that if you have made any mistakes or if there is a need for something extra in your essay, you would have enough time to make those changes.

A person needs to make a lot of changes in his or her essay during the editing, be it the grammar, the use of tense, or the overall flow of the essay. After doing that he has to do a thorough reading of the whole essay to prevent any further mistakes.

Once he has proofread it once he also needs someone else to proofread it as there is always a thing or two that goes unnoticed by the eyes of the writer. After doing all of the required changes a student would then be able to submit his exemplification essay and because all of this process is a really long one, a student needs a considerable amount of time left just for it.             

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