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Are you breaking into film? Check out our step-by-step guide on video production, from equipment, lighting, and space to marketing your final masterpiece!

The stages of video production all creators need to follow

Like any other professional job, video production has a process all creative individuals need to follow. For your project to run smoothly and look its best, all filmmakers want to follow these steps to guarantee their production’s success. 

While you can follow a professional company like this Melbourne video production company, you may have to take things into your own hands. Especially if your project has a smaller budget, you’re better off learning these steps yourself instead of hiring an outside company. 

So for those video production creatives looking to up their game and improve their projects, you want to follow these steps to ensure your project is high quality. 


Before you can actually start filming, you have to have an idea first. Specifically, a fleshed out idea. Even if you think you want to do an improvised video, you need to still have some kind of idea in regards to the central theme of the video. That will help you greatly in the pre-production phase. 


Casting, location hunting, set designing, etc. All these various preparation steps can be done in the pre-production step. The day you start filming, everything should be already in place so that way all you have to do is focus on the film itself. 

More importantly, being prepared means less challenges you’ll run into while filming. While things may change during production, having a plan helps you face these challenges so they not only cost less time, but less money. 

Even if your video production project is as simple as a thirty-second ad, you need to make sure you follow the pre-production step. All video production projects will improve by having a proper pre-production phase. 


It goes without saying, but production needs to be a formal process. Just showing up and turning on a camera won’t create a strong project. You want to organize your cast & crew to make sure you’re being efficient with your time and money. Every second on set should be productive. 

This isn’t to say there can’t be downtime, but you should be focused on making your time count. Tying back into pre-production, you want to account for as much as possible so production can flow smoothly for everyone involved. 


You have the shots, now you just need the finished project. Editing is what makes a movie, ad, or TV show what it’s meant to be. While you shouldn’t be skipping any step, this is the biggest one to put your effort into. Even if you mess up on one of the earlier steps, you can often fix things in post.

Plus, the cuts and music you choose truly set the tone of your video production project more than anything else you’ll do. You can completely change your entire production in the post-production stage if you so choose. Just look at the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Do not slack off in the post-production stage. This truly is the make or break point for your project and you do not want to screw up. 


Lastly, you need to get your project out to the masses. Whether you upload it manually to a site like Vimeo or YouTube, or get it on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, you have options on where people can watch your video production project.

If you design an ad, you also have to decide whether to distribute strictly online or televise it as well. All these decisions can affect how well your project does, so choose carefully. 

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