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Tati Colombo: Artistic Brilliance in the Heart of NYC’s Theatre Landscape

One name that’s been catching the eyes of New York City’s audience is Tati Pereira Colombo. Originally from Argentina, Tati has traveled from the streets of Buenos Aires all the way to the spotlight of Broadway. His unyielding passion for the performing arts is clearly displayed by his impressive skills and unwavering commitment over the last several years of his career building.

Tati wasn’t always in the performing arts. He used to be the head of an international marketing business with over 30 clientele. Even though he was a rising star in the marketing world, he left his corporate job behind to pursue the call of acting and theatre. Though it was difficult leaving behind a thriving business, he followed his heart and used his determination to commit to a new path.

Realizing he needed formal training, Tati sought out classes at the highly esteemed Lee Strasberg Institute in the US. This gave Tati the opportunity to immerse himself in an acting environment and learn more about the nuances of method acting rather than traditional courses. These courses taught Tati how to take a script and truly turn it into a performance.

After his graduation, Tati landed several roles both on and off-screen. He performed in shows such as “Five Times In One Night” and “The Student Prince,” which showcased his impressive emotional depth and authenticity as an actor. He also performed in films including “Under the L,” “Phoenix,” and “Dharm,” which earned him critical acclaim.

The core of Tati’s talent and passion lies within his Argentinian heritage. Before coming to New York, Tati contributed to his original nation’s cultural life by playing in “Rent,” “Hamilton” and Les Miserables. Argentina’s rich culture is a big part of his work, bringing a unique perspective other actors don’t have. He’s brought this perspective into Argentinian films like “Vamos Carajo” and “Cortado,” both celebrated for their excellence in bridging cultures. He also believes 2024 will be a good time to start leading and performing two Argentinian plays on the Broadway scene.

With so much experience under his belt, Tati won’t be stopping any time soon. Currently, he is rehearsing for “The Magical Journey of Arlekina,” a highly-anticipated musical in New York. He is also working on showing more of his multifaceted talent by scriptwriting, directing, and producing a queer short film that showcases both his acting and his creative storytelling abilities. With so much skill for one individual, it’s no wonder that fellow producers and directors have been keeping an eye on him for so long.

Given his wide range of experience, Tati hopes to bring even more shows to NYC in the future. He has a vision that includes bringing two Argentinian plays to Broadway by 2024, a goal that demonstrates his commitment to cultural exchange within the world of theatre.

Tati’s impact extends beyond his acting. It exemplifies his strong motivation to achieve his goals. His professional path has proven that nothing is impossible if you pursue your dreams, no matter their costs. Focused on personal inspirations and goals, Tati has secured his future as a future celebrity to perform in the best New York theater scenes.

For Tati, his move to acting wasn’t just a career change but a chance at a new life. As Tati continues to impress audiences and critics alike in NYC, he stands as living proof that hard work and determination can take you anywhere you want to go, even if you are committed to standing out in the most competitive field.

To stay connected with Tati and track his most recent works and professional accomplishments, you can visit his website or follow his journey on Instagram.

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