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Youssef Amir is a well-known personal trainer and massage therapist. Learn more about his program Udefy right here.

Youssef Amir is Sharing His Lifelong Fitness Knowledge Through Udefy

To become the healthiest version of yourself, fitness becomes a lifelong journey and not a destination. For personal trainer, Youssef Amir, his journey started when he was just 15 years old. Experiencing firsthand the benefits of regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, Youssef has made it his mission to positively impact lives through his fitness program.

Youssef Amir is a well-known personal trainer and massage therapist. He is a member of the American Council on Exercise-certified in personal training, fitness nutrition specialist, and weight management specialist. He is also the owner of Udefy. Working together with his team at Udefy, they offer personal training sessions, movement assessments, and massage therapy services.

Regular physical activity provides both long-term and short-term benefits to your life. It improves general health, an improved quality of life,  and lowers the risk of various health conditions.

Youssef’s grandfather noticed his slouched posture and commented on it often. Even though it took Youssef some time to grasp what his grandfather meant and the risks he was exposing his body to, he eventually knew he had to change his lifestyle. He enrolled at a gym, and it was then he fell in love with fitness. 

Diving deeper into his newfound passion, he was intrigued by the human body, biomechanics, and human physiology; besides fitness training, he now helps athletes mitigate injury, manage pain and improve their athletic performance.

When it comes to body exercises, people make one common mistake: assuming what works for another will automatically work for you. According to Youssef, no two individuals are the same; an exercise that will show results within a month for you may take ages for the other person to notice even a slight change. 

Therefore, it is essential to analyze your goals with your personal trainer to devise exercises that work best for you. Additionally, you must be committed and determined to achieve your goals.

Youssef shares some of his fitness tips. He notes that for hypertrophy training (training to increase muscle size) using weights play a significant role. For best results, proper nutrition and a correct training regimen are needed. 

There are two main types of weights training when targeting the muscles: strength training (improve strength) and hypertrophy training. Gaining proper size and strength requires implementing progressive overloading as part of your training routine, says Youssef. At Udefy, the trainers calculate the variables for you so as to ensure you get the best results.

Among the many factors that make Youssef unique is his expertise in mobility and massage therapy. In an aim to perfect his skills even further, he is currently studying Kinesiology.

It all started for Youssef almost a decade ago; after enrolling in a gym, his goal was to better his life. He was fortunate to meet a trainer who made him fall in love with fitness and training. His trainer opened his eyes to the parallels between fitness and life. 

Stepping out of that gym, his goal had changed from improving himself to bettering the lives of others. Guided by its mission, Udef empowers and motivates people of all ages to become the best versions of themselves. They have served more than 1500 clients.

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