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'Welcome Home' is streaming now for fans of horror movies to enjoy . . . if they dare! Peek inside and discover why this new Hindi film is such a hit.

5 Reasons why ‘Welcome Home’ Hindi Horror movie is a hit

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‘Welcome Home’ on SonyLIV is an interesting Hindi horror movie to watch. Based on a real story in Maharashtra, the film talks disturbs and shatters you as it explores the dark side of child sex abuse and survival. In contrast to the regular mundane stories, Pushkar Sunil narrates on a realistic, non-melodramatic and meaningful level. 

This movie is a mix of horror and emotion and a concept that needs rigorous thought. A social commentary on the grassroots misogyny and patriarchy, this intense home invasion deals with many social issues. Produced by veteran actor Paresh Rawal and his wife Swaroop Raval, Welcome Home on SonyLIV unearths some shocking secrets.

Here we list five reasons why the movie is highly appreciated.

1. Story

The spine-chilling thriller film is based on a real story that explores patriarchy, sex and child abuse. Even though the concept is not entirely new, the presentation is fresh and keeps you glued to the seat till the end. It starts as a regular drama but unfolds into dreadful and edgy fast to enter the thrill zone. 

Two high school teachers are assigned census jobs, and they enter a house which has many horrifying events. As survival takes centre stage, it reflects the clash between calm and chaos. All the events that female characters go through present a terrifying look at humanity. If you love to watch psycho-thrillers, this gruesome story is a must-watch!

2. Performance

All the actors have been phenomenal in their given roles. Kashmir Irani as Anuja, Swarda Thigale as Neha, Tina Bhatia as Prerna, Shashi Bushan as Ghanshyam and Balaram Das as Bola just lived in their roles. Both Kashmira and Swarda pushed the boundaries of their character and delivered memorable performances. Both of them pull their roles with complete brilliance. 

Shashi and Balaram send chills down your spine with the unassuming evilness. Tina convincingly brings imprisonment and liberation to the front.

3. Writing and Direction

Ankita Narang brings you the most horrifying yet heartwarming story questioning many facets of humans. Pushkar Sunil’s direction doesn’t allow you to leave the movie halfway. With a gritty and gruesome storyline, this film is sure to keep you on the edge of the seat. 

A well-written plot also relies on characterisation and mood carried all through. What amplifies the horror is the close to home nature of crime and the psychological turmoil. Pushkar Sunil redefines experimental cinema and evocative storytelling with this dark psychological exploration.

4. Thrills, Chills and more

With unexpected twists and turns, you’re sure to experience thrills and chills. What’s impressive about the film is the survival against all the odds that take centre stage. All the cruel twists are disturbing the anxiety, terror and uncertainty yet. Pose many unanswered questions. The dramatic portrayal of true crime is more harrowing.

5. Technical brilliance

Saee Bhope cinematography slowly transports us into the lone house, and we start living with the characters. Raw and repulsive visuals will keep you engaged and involved. Saee treats light with Meghdeep Bose’s music guarantees goosebumps. Pushkar edit is crisp, and the jumps will leave you amazed. With its cinematic brilliance, the movie challenges the notion of conventional filmmaking.

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