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Serial entrepreneur Shamus Goss overcame a lot of struggles and setbacks to get where he is today: the owner of multiple, thriving ventures.

Serial Entrepreneur Shamus Goss Makes His Mark on Multiple Industries

Entrepreneurs are one-of-a-kind people who shape the future of the business world. They have vivid imaginations, coming up with ideas and launching businesses based on them. They study the craft, build skills to help them get to the top, and network with like-minded people. All of this can eventually grow their brand and help them make it to the pinnacle of the corporate world. 

However, serial entrepreneurs differ in how they choose to go through the challenges of growing a business repeatedly.

To illustrate, take the story of Shamus Goss as an example. Shamus is a successful serial entrepreneur who has experience in numerous industries. At a young age, he was made aware of the financial struggles of the people closest to him. This motivated him to find ways to make a living at 17 while his peers went to school to pursue their dreams.


Shamus’ passion lies with music, so he decided to pursue it by starting a career in this industry. He founded an independent record label and became a recording artist. At some point in the journey, he was able to experience massive success as his records were able to place within the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. However, he felt that there was more in store for him in the future, so he sought new challenges.

Upon this realization in 2002, Shamus moved to Atlanta, Georgia to shift his attention from music and focus more on being a business owner. He entered the athletic apparel industry, and in no time, he was able to grow his company to generate more than $1 million in annual sales. 

His company became one of the largest brands of its kind in Georgia. This venture taught him valuable lessons and helped him network with other successful entrepreneurs.

Still, this wasn’t enough to quench Shamus’ entrepreneurial spirit, so he further explored the business world. This led him into the real estate industry and the founding of Magneto Home Solutions. This business targets homeowners looking to sell their houses for the best value and buyers interested in getting new homes. Besides fix-and-flips, the company also does new construction.

In addition, Shamus owns Ecom Titan Pro’s, an e-commerce company founded to help entrepreneurs and businesses expand online. Specifically, the company’s role is to build e-commerce stores for their clients to make passive income. In this generation, where many consumers rely on online services, this can provide a huge help.

Meanwhile, for business owners aiming to boost their online reputation, there’s Major Change Media. Shamus founded this company to help brands develop and create content to grow on social media, such as Instagram, and be featured in numerous news publications. Once Major Change Media’s clients start getting more traffic on their websites and become more credible in the public’s eyes, they will begin to grow as a brand.

Besides making an impact in the entrepreneurial world, Shamus also wanted to give back to the community and touch the lives of everyday people. Therefore, he launched the H.E.L.P Foundation to provide food to the hungry and build a bright future with them. It’s clear to see that Shamus is a diversified businessperson who not only strives to build his own successful future, but the future of others as well.

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