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Mike Vickers, the founder of Energy Job Shop (EJS), is going to be featured on a new television show. Discover the 'Pipe Nation' series today.

EJS founder to feature in ‘Pipe Nation’ series

The oil and gas industry are of immense significance to the Canadian economy. Canada is one of the leading producers worldwide when it comes to oil and natural gas. Its rich natural reserves, abundant land and economic and political structure, all act as vital promoters of this industry. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this industry holds a significant share in the Canadian market and economy. It further goes on to suggest that many people must be dependent on this industry for employment and livelihood.

The oil and gas industry are certainly a reservoir of opportunities for people. There exist innumerable success stories of people who have been able to carve out a successful life from this industry. However, such opportunities aren’t available in an alike manner throughout Canada. A certain degree of research, readiness & awareness must be kept making the most out of this industry. Finding a job might be easy but finding the most suitable one can be difficult at times.

One platform that has been able to consistently provide the right jobs in this industry has been EJS. Energy Job Shop (EJS) is the brainchild of Mike Vickers, who used to work as an employee in this industry. Due to the dynamic nature of this industry, Mike had to make a drastic move from Cape Breton to Alberta. Many years down the line, he seems extremely content with his decision. Today, Mike is ready to feature in the Pipe Nation TV Series. The Pipe Nation is a fictional series that depicts the changing nature of the oil industry across Canada.

About EJS

EJS is all about providing a better opportunity to prospective employees in the oil and gas industry. EJS operates to provide jobs in both US and Canada, and thus, it caters to the needs of quite a large segment. It consists of jobs in different provinces and states. Also, the diversification is not merely limited to geographical areas. It extends to the nature and expertise of jobs. Jobs of all sorts and skills are required to provide employment to the maximum number of people possible. From entry level jobs to floor hand or camp jobs, there is an opportunity for everyone that comes to EJS. The platform is beneficial for both types of workers- manual as well as technical.

EJS collects information from diverse sources and then sorts and prepares job lists based on customer requirements. This database is prepared after thorough market research & provides applicants with the facility to apply via diverse methods. Thus, choosing EJS to find a job speeds up the process of finding a suitable job. Not only this, it provides you with the opportunity to work with the top names in the industry. These include the likes of Universal Pressure Pumping, Halliburton, etc.

Pipe Nation TV Series

The Pipe Nation TV series revolves around this very industry- oil and gas. It is a fictional representation of conflicting energy requirements across provinces that leads to greater problems. It also depicts how people fight to survive and look for ways to protect and improve their industry. Therefore, Mike is to feature in this series, since his story correlates with the plot of the series.

As the name suggests, pipelines form the centre of attraction of this series. Set in the fictional town of Hardwell, Ashley and Ty enter a province whose energy requirements conflict with theirs. Ashley, being a single, debt-ridden mother must fight all the problems in this industry and surrounding social setup to survive. The series is the ultimate depiction of all the socio-economic, political, and other drama that revolves around this industry.

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