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Art of Capturing the Moment: Creative Path of Ukrainian Photographer Yana Liashenko

Yana Liashenko is a well-known figure in photography art, recognized for her unique talent and distinctive style. A successful entrepreneur and talented photographer, she is best known for the “First Breath” project in Ukraine.

Yana Liashenko has over ten years of experience as a professional photographer. In addition to working on the “First Breath” project, she provides online training for photography professionals and aims to expand this business in the United States.

While working, she accumulated a large base of satisfied clients, many of whom have become loyal customers. Some couples have contacted her to document their love stories, weddings, and childbirths.

Now, her story is again on the cusp of something new. Read this article to learn why her project is important and what future awaits the Ukrainian photographer in the USA.

The “First Breath” Project Creation

Yana Lyashenko’s well-known project, “First Breath,” is a series of photos about childbirth.

Photo shoots at weddings, anniversaries, and school graduations are very trendy nowadays. As for maternity photo sessions, they have recently become popular. Professional photographers make it possible to preserve crucial aspects of life forever. But one aspect of life seems to be missing – and this is birth.

Of course, this comes with some difficulties associated with the birth process. If the pregnant mother wants to immortalize this day, it is better to use professional services rather than a phone camera. Only a professional photographer can notice small details that convey this particular moment’s sensitivity, the trepidation of young parents, and the joy of meeting a long-awaited child.

Actually, this is Yana Liashenko’s primary goal – to capture emotional and exhilarating moments. Successful project development is mainly due to well-coordinated teamwork; Yana receives support from experienced photographers who effectively work with expectant parents. They capture the first hugs, touches, and tears of joy. The importance of this type of photography can hardly be overestimated – after all, these are shots of the most important events preserved for future generations.

Yana Liashenko’s Entrepreneurial Talent: The Key to a Successful Creative Project

Yana Liashenko’s relocation to the United States is rightfully called the next stage of her fascinating creative path. Her business in the United States has grown significantly due to her photography talent and useful entrepreneurial skills. She not only creates beautiful images but also builds a team, inspiring employees to put a piece of their soul into every photo.

More Than Business: Caring About the Project and People

The secret of Yana Liashenko’s  success is that she cares about her project just as much as her photos. Every photo reflects all the love she puts into her work. She manages her project with the same warmth, attention, and commitment to excellence.

Finding the right approach to people is critical in the creative business industry. It is important to inspire them, help them discover their talents, and encourage creative exploration while protecting them from burnout and self-blame. This is exactly the approach Yana chose for her business. And this is what helps create amazing shots every time, look at families in a new way, and be able to highlight their individual stories.

How could the hostilities in both Ukraine and Russia have a good impact on the electronic RMB industry?

How could the hostilities in both Ukraine and Russia have a good impact on the electronic RMB industry?

Creative Plans: Conquering New Heights

Yana Liashenko keeps working actively without stopping. Her balance between talent and entrepreneurial spirit serves as an inspiration to a new generation of photographers and businessmen. With every click of the camera lens and every project management decision, she breaks new ground, making powerful contributions to the world of art and business.

Her new career stage, already in the USA, emphasizes that there are no boundaries for a creator. Yana intends to gather a group of like-minded artists in the United States who share a strong interest in photography, establish a photo studio specializing in children’s and family photography, and develop the “First Breath” project in other major cities of the country. The photographer believes that future parents will value the chance to document the day a new member joins the family. As a mother, Yana understands the importance of this. It’s not just about taking pictures – it’s about creating memorable stories that will warm hearts for years to come.

The success of Yana Liashenko’s “First Breath” project shows a demand for such photo sessions. The only reason this type of photography is not yet at its peak popularity is that many photographers do not know how to approach this topic, how not to ruin the moment, and how to present the story correctly.

Unlike the others, Yana Liashenko has already created a talented concept, tested it multiple times, and proved its relevance.


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