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Pablo Valero is an employee with Royal Caribbean, the second-largest cruise line in the world. Learn more about Valero here.

From An Office Job to the Ocean, Pablo Valero Has Created a Life Many Can Only Dream About

Living your dream is something special. There is little that comes close to the feeling of enjoying what you do on a daily basis. It is, however, not an easy task to accomplish, as some people will argue that once you are committed to achieving your dreams, it becomes more like work and not play. 

However, it is possible to live the life of your dreams and be extremely happy doing it. All it takes is the courage to get started and break from the thought that you have to follow certain things to be successful.

Pablo Valero is one of the dreamers who is currently living their dream. He is working with Royal Caribbean, the second-largest cruise line globally, touring the world and connecting with different people. 

Working and traveling the world on a cruise ship while doing normal and extreme sports like surfing, indoor skydiving, rock climbing walls are among his everyday activities. At 25, Pablo has already achieved what he desired and he is still striving for more achievements.

From a young age, Pablo has always had a passion for touring the world and connecting with a lot of people from different countries. However, the belief that he had to have a good corporate job to enjoy his life put him in an uncomfortable spot in life. He was in an office job after graduation that provided no chances for traveling, even for business purposes. 

Pablo was born in Mexico and has spent his entire life in the country. He is a Commerce and International Business graduate and to expand his opportunities, he started to pursue side certifications as a hobby. He got certified as a Personal Trainer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst. He also got a Social Media Marketing certification from Facebook.

Landing a corporate job was one of his most significant achievements, but he got bored of staying in the office job. He never got the chance to travel, even for business purposes, so he felt stuck. He made the bold decision to venture and work for Royal Caribbean International onboard a cruise ship traveling the world, enjoying the outdoors, meeting and interacting with people from all over the world.

Working with Royal Caribbean International gave him what he was dreaming of. Pablo (@pablovalerogzz) admits to having fun on duty while interacting with thousands of people daily. Being on a cruise ship has made him more connections and opportunities than his office job, and it has reflected on Valero Media, his media agency.

The COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 was bad news for his love for traveling. With the tourism sector greatly affected, Pablo decided to create a new revenue stream for himself. He started Valero Media, a social media management agency that made over 7 figures in less than a year in just management. He is already expanding the agency to grow it to be among the biggest agencies.

Pablo still hints at going back to the cruise ships to continue his sea adventures. He is already scheduled to fly to Cyprus in July to join a vessel called Harmony of the Seas, under Royal Caribbean International. According to him, money gets old pretty fast, but passion lasts forever.

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