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Origin Films Inc. is an innovative video production company focusing on commercial, corporate, weddings, real estate, and film & TV video productions.

Indie Film Company of the Day: Origin Films

Origin Films Inc. is our indie film company of the day. We’re shining a spotlight on this fresh, innovative, and growing video production company focusing on commercial, corporate, weddings, real estate, and film & TV video productions.

Origin Films Inc. believes in creating beautifully crafted recreations of their clients’ vision and customized solutions for their customers. Since their start in 2016, they’ve produced over 80 projects and built a following of nearly 25,000 followers in just under two-and-a-half years. They’ve worked with companies such as Haste and Hustle, Remax Real Estate Center, and K-Swiss, and have helped produce several short films too.

You can see some examples of their work and read about their projects below:

Dance Dynamics Photo Day Promo

“In attempt to help Dance Dynamics generate more traffic and increase their members, we collaborated with the owner Emily Nolet to create a 1 minute video for digital marketing. The idea was to show a bit of the culture behind their brand, how much fun everyone has and how close all the dancers have become.”

Remax Panel Event

“Remax held a small intimate conference with the purpose of celebrating the success of their top realtors, and help spread awareness of the community that exists within the Remax group. They contacted us to produce both their video and photo content. Together, we created a short highlight of the event featuring the best moments from the keynote speakers.”

Gym 2 You Testimonials

“Alexa Doucet, owner of Gym 2 You, had recently rebranded her company to  target a new demographic of customers. She wanted a testimonial video to show her new prospects the benefits of her service so that she could attract a higher-paying clientele who were more serious about gymnastics and who would understand the importance of one-on-one training.

“With her team, we were able to create a short testimonial video that would be advertised on various social media platforms.”

Core Athletics Club

“As a part of their marketing campaign, Core Athletics Club needed a series of videos to build their online presence. Over the period of 3 months, we had created 4 videos to help influence potential members in the area to come visit their location. The last video, “Why we started” is a testimonial video from various members advocating healthy lifestyles and how Core Athletics Club helped them.”

K-Swiss “Next Message”

“As filmmakers we are always excited to accept new projects, regardless of the budget involved or narrative. When we receive the opportunity from a colleague to shoot a concept commercial for K-Swiss, we were thrilled. In less than 24 hours, we created this short commercial that depicts the life of a struggling entrepreneur.”

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