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Have you ever wanted to run your own business and be your own boss? Find out how Michael Drager took that dream and made it an everyday reality.

Michael Drager On Turning His Dream Into Reality With His Production Company

Social media has given new exposure to the entertainment industry. The rising popularity of social media platforms is helping businesses discover new talents and also market their brands to a highly targeted audience. Many entrepreneurs have scaled up their business with the power of social media and Michael Drager is one of them. Michael Drager, popularly known as Draco on social media is the owner and CEO of Draco Enterprises. The talent management company made him a social media mogul in a short period of time with more than 124K followers on his Instagram.

Draco Enterprises boasts of working with some of the hottest models in the modeling industry. The company functions in the space of adult entertainment and will be venturing soon into mainstream entertainment media. Within a year of its inception, the company scaled up its revenue to six figures. A large part of the success was promotions and activity on social media which enabled the agency to be recognized faster by the audience.

Michael Drager is the mastermind and main driving force behind the growing success of Draco Enterprises. Besides giving a world of opportunities to the rising models to establish themselves in the industry, the agency is also focusing on quality content that audiences will enjoy. Michael believes that nothing can beat quality content when it comes to visual entertainment. Since the beginning, he had kept a close eye on offering the best content to the viewers and that eventually paid off. His natural understanding of the latest trends and social media marketing strategies further played a catalyst to the success of Draco Enterprises.

Continuing its legacy in the adult entertainment industry, Michael wants to expand his business by branching out to several other forms of media and entertainment like films and television. Currently, he is working hard to launch his own production company. This ambitious project will mark his entry into the mainstream entertainment industry. As always, Michael has prioritized content for this venture as well. This production company will be presenting more exciting and diverse content that audiences will enjoy. From stunning locations to premium studios, his team is working diligently to shape his dreams into reality.

Michael Drager was introduced to the adult entertainment industry through an upscale gentlemen’s club in Chicago that was owned by his grandfather. This was much before he started his own business venture. Owned by his grandfather, the club saw several years of success during his lifetime. This glitz and glamour of the adult entertainment industry inspired Michael to build his own empire in the entertainment media someday.

Draco Enterprises has been a stepping stone for Michael to achieve this dream. From hiring top models to creating engaging brands, nothing is unventured territory for Michael now. He wants to use this experience to scale his business and explore new avenues for success in the entertainment industry.

Michael Drager is all set to face every challenge that comes his way as he works towards his dreams. The tremendous success of his young company has already set a standard for his future endeavors. It is just a matter of time before we see this young entrepreneur turn his dream into reality.

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