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UKDFBA Men’s Physique 2016 Gold Medalist Segues Into Personal Training: Lynus Woo

  • The Personal Trainers industry has a market size that is valued at over USD $10.0 billion according to National Government Surveys. 
  • Within the United States, this has grown at a rate of over 2.0% per year between 2016 and 2021.
  • There are over 7200 health and fitness clubs within the UK which encompass over 10 million members.
  • Lynus Woo is a specialized bodybuilder and personal fitness instructor. He is best known for his unparalleled work ethic, passionate personality, and multi-faceted personality- thriving in the Arts industry as well as in the fitness one.

    Back in 2016, he amassed global recognition after brilliantly being awarded a gold medal in the UKDFBA Men’s Physique Championship- one of the most notable and prestigious WNBF affiliates that focuses entirely on athletes who are entirely drug free.

    Soon after, he began his career as a personal fitness instructor- a feat that has allowed him to feel ‘’fulfilled and satisfied’’ at the end of each day’s work given that he can make a significant difference in people’s day to day lives. 

    But how did Lynus Woo start out? Was he always naturally big? Was bodybuilding a career goal he had in mind from early on? Or is he maybe looking to segue into a different area of practice? 

    Below we will discuss the answers to these questions- which were provided in a recent interview, and finish off by delineating some of the industry colossal’s future goals and aspirations.

    Inspirations and Idols: Lynus Woo

    Believe it or not, despite his ‘’Greek god-like physique’’ at the moment, Lynus Woo was actually relatively small when he was younger. ‘’I began gymming then [2016], and grew significantly within my first two years of working out’’- Lynus Woo.

    This was during his time in Harrow School in London, United Kingdom, which is one of the most world-renowned and prestigious secondary schools in the entire country. Shortly after, he liaised with his first ever coach, who ended up introducing him to the world of professional bodybuilding and set him up for a whole career in the industry- if he wished too.

    Lynus’ idols are Dwayne ‘’The Rock’’ Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger; aside from their equally impressive physiques, this is mainly because of their character.

    ‘’I just think they seem like good guys.. They have both shown a prolific amount of initiative to get to where they are, and have both pivoted away from bodybuilding eventually and chased other dreams that they had which I respect’’- says Lynus Woo.

    Quite similarly, Lynus aims to do this himself, as in the future he wants to segue into the Art industry entirely- leaving bodybuilding and personal training as something that he can do in his free time, purely for enjoyment and self-growth.

    Another Element: Artistic Talent?

    Lynus Woo has graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Oxford- a very impressive feat.

    Initially, he actually wanted to study Architecture, but he soon realized that art was the only part of architecture that he thoroughly enjoyed, and- despite the commonly bleak career prospects, his acceptance into the prominent Oxford University (as well as his loving and supporting family) encouraged him to follow his own path.

    Woo is a massive proponent of using art to communicate important personal and societal messages. This is reflected in his unique, ‘’harsh’’ style of paintings, which has been compared to that of Vincent van Gogh.

    ‘’I want my paintings to inspire people, to make them think, and to ignite conversations; I don’t want them to just be a remodelled version of a real life photograph’’- Lynus Woo, Artist and Personal Trainer.

    Moving on, Lynus Woo has suggested that he may be initiating his first ever Art Show in late 2021 (December). This would include paintings that elicit visceral chinese politic meanings, as well as paintings of popular national idols.

    Final Words

    Overall, Lynus Woo’s choice to follow his own path (and segue away from his family’s law firm) seems to have unequivocally worked out for him. 

    Personal initiative, unparalleled motivation, and a multi-talented persona, the young artist undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him.

    We hope you enjoyed reading.

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