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This network marketing guru is one of the most prominent and influential names in the global network marketing industry, and he's under thirty.


Kaleb Mickens, popularly known as Cash Cartier, is among the top, most prominent and influential names in the global network marketing industry. Cash Cartier, a diligent and successful entrepreneur, has over four years of experience in the networking field and has made a name for himself as “The King of Network Marketing.”

Cash Cartier lived an ordinary life in his early childhood like any other teenager. He was passionate about football and even had a chance to play for the IFL (Indoor Football League). Cartier’s life made a complete turn during this period, and he found himself almost bankrupt, having accumulated massive debts. 

Cash had to look for another source of money to make ends meet. He landed a restaurant job and was employed as a busboy. Though his new job wasn’t fulfilling, Cash was so determined and persistent, and his positive mentality allowed him to continue the hope that things would change for the better in the coming days.

After turning 22 years old, Cash’s life took a different path, and he began his entrepreneur career. Though he didn’t have sufficient and extensive knowledge of the business complexities, he believed in himself, invested long hours and energy into the business, and finally prospered in the marketplace. 

This helped Cash create several money sources from his high-volume investments in cryptocurrencies, foreign exchanges, and stocks.

Cash spent most of his early years on the internet and gained knowledge about social media and networking. Later, Cartier, who has a strong personality in creating and building strong relationships, started network marketing. 

He has thrived in the marketplace owing to his internet exposure and networking capabilities. He also mentors the founder of Walking ATMs’, sharing his expertise in financial markets and stock trading.

Cash Cartier’s determination and a never-give-up attitude have earned him thousands of customers around the world as well as hundreds of social media followers in his Instagram account. Cartier is on a mission to see others rise against all odds and achieve their dreams and economic freedom.

Cash, a sought-after public speaker, has traveled around the world teaching young and upcoming entrepreneurs what is required to start, operate, and successfully manage a business. He also uses his personal experiences to inspire many young entrepreneurs that it’s possible to achieve all their dreams and enjoy success with a positive mindset.

Cartier’s success stories and events have received several media coverage in America and all over the world. He has been featured in Forbes, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, Thrive Global, among others. 

A prominent person in the cryptocurrency and forex markets, his networking talents and achievements are so awe-inspiring that he was given the name of “King of Network Marketing.” Cash is the most prolific entrepreneur in the networking industry, setting an example for others who strive to break into the industry.

Cash Cartier has become a global icon and a mentor to many young people who look for his events and lite-transforming speeches. Cash Cartier’s success results from substantial hard work, persistence, and his dynamic personality that have propelled him to fame, despite the struggles and misfortunes of his early years.

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