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Kartik Anand is a successful business manager and the chairman of KGV Group Ventures. Learn more about Anand here.

Kartik Anand Shares How to Identify and Manage Business Risks

Running and managing a business comes with many diverse risks. The challenges vary depending on the industry or particular sector you are in, but all have the potential to cause damage or even destroy the business. Most business experts will call for an assessment of the potential risks before venturing into a business. However, it’s never possible to plan for all future eventualities. Some risks can be unanticipated, therefore demanding a quick response to survive.

Kartik Anand is a successful business manager, entrepreneur, and investor. He is the founder and executive chairman of KGV Group Ventures, a globally accredited organization. KGV is a UAE-based company dedicated to sustainable value creation through improving business and transforming consumer lives. They are well-known for helping businesses manage their operations and also offering business advice. Kartik has been at its helm, leading its current massive success with over 2000 employees across eight countries.

A highly experienced and skilled business manager, Kartik is a recipient of the prestigious 2018 Time Man of the Year Pune award and the Times Pune Visionaries award for 2018 and 2019. He has been bestowed awards for his contribution to the business world, particularly in the management of the information technology sector, through which he has helped thousands of businesses globally. Kartik has also earned significant respect in the business world for the past decade, thanks to the numerous opportunities he’s created for others.

One of his key achievements is establishing and growing KGV into the global outfit it is today. The journey was full of challenges and uncertainties that he had to learn to tackle as they came. Kartik recalls the numerous times he had to strategize to mitigate risks while maintaining the business focus. His driving force was his passion to institute a successful lead generation business for the global market. He had to handle all eventualities, and soon success was coming his way.

Additionally, KGV was growing rapidly, and this came with new challenges and uncertainties. However, a determined Kartik remained calm and decisive which proved essential to the business’s survival. This helped him steer the group to more success and diversify their group operations to different industries.

Kartik believes that managing risks and making calculated decisions in the entrepreneurship world requires a certain level of comfort with failure. To him, comfort with the possibility of failure doesn’t mean you give up easily. Instead, he advises you to turn failures into opportunities to learn and grow. He describes managing a business as an iterative process. New challenges and opportunities will always present themselves at every turn. It’s best if you don’t rush to make key decisions that will affect your business operations. Instead, he advises that you should carefully study every situation independently while maintaining focus on your business goal.

Remember, great companies have always been built on aspirations, and there is always room for improvement. Kartik calls for great business leadership that is built around vision, communication, integrity, and curiosity. The key is to build on a solid team that will help you face these uncertain times. More significantly, keep up with the latest technology and demonstrate strong business acumen.

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