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Isabella Moll is the young actor who's appeared in 'Dhar Mann' and 'Heart 'N' Soul,' and you'll be seeing her in much more soon. Meet the talent yourself!

Isabella Moll is a rising star

Isabella Moll has a passion for acting that fuels everything she does. Since getting her start in the modeling business, Moll has made her way in front of the camera in the TV series Dhar Mann and the upcoming drama Heart ‘N’ Soul. Moll is also a talented makeup artist who worked on The Sinister Seymour alongside Avengers Endgame alum Jasper Anderson.

When she isn’t working, Moll spends her time dancing, painting, and making jewelry. She also gives her time to organizations that support children with special needs. Still in her teens, Isabella Moll’s career as an actor & entertainer is just getting started. That’s what makes the opportunity we had to speak with her especially exciting.

When did you first know that you wanted to be an actor?

I did not know I wanted to be an actor for a long time but I knew I had a calling for performing. I did ballet for a long time when I was really young. When I got older I continued to do dance and dance competitively. After I attended a summer camp for musical theater. I knew I wanted to take acting more seriously and pursue it as a career.

What initially made you fall in love with acting?

When I perform I get this sense of belonging. It feels like I am doing what I am meant to be doing. Practicing my craft and performing for an audience made me fall in love with it. Along with all of the other things for example, being challenged to transform myself into a different character that is not anywhere near my personality.

What are some of your favorite shows and movies?

Some of my favorite movies would be Beetlejuice, August Rush, Stand By Me and Matilda. Some of my favorite shows would be Friends, Glee, Full house and Stranger Things.

Who are some of your acting influences?

A couple of the people who influence me in acting would be Rita Moreno, Ellie Kemper, Isabella Gomez, Robin Williams And many more.

Have you ever worked with mentors?

I have met so many actors who became a mentor to me just on that one time on set. I met so many people who have been apart of this industry for years. They always have something interesting to say.

What do you love most about acting?

I love being able to transform into a completely different person. I also love the creativity that goes into trying to tap into a persona to become a character. That part of acting gets my creative mind going.

Can you tell us about how you got involved in the show Dhar Mann?

I got involved with being on The Dhar Mann show by doing an audition for one part, then later on I got called back to play an extra.

What’s been the most enjoyable part of working on the show?

One of the most enjoyable parts of working on Dhar Mann would be meeting everyone on set. The set environment is nothing like I have ever experienced. Everyone is super positive and it feels like family.

What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced so far, and how did you overcome it?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced was learning to let go. When you do auditions they don’t tell you if you don’t get the part. When I first started acting this was hard for me. I would often overthink about what I did wrong or if I could have improved something. I overcame this by looking at auditions with a different approach and a different attitude. At the end of the day it wasn’t meant to be and I will get the acting part that will be fit for me.

What would you say has been your biggest success as an actor so far?

It may seem silly but my biggest success as an actor so far is that I am considered an actor. To have people know me because I am an actor, that’s my success. This has been a dream of mine for a while. I am beyond grateful that I’m living in it one day at a time to try and further my career.

Tell us about your work in the upcoming Heart ‘N’ Soul. I would try to explain more here

I took part in the film Heart ‘N’ Soul by being one of the Girls of Miracles. This was a fun role to play. Stay tune to see the full movie filled with romance and poetry.

We know that you’re passionate about the environment. What are you doing to make the world a greener place?

To keep the world a greener place I continue to be aware of my product consumption. Whenever I get new clothes I always go to thrift stores instead of buying fast fashion, which is a major contributor in affecting the earths environment negatively. If we all make small changes, we can make a huge difference.

Can you tell us more about the work you do with organizations helping children with special needs?

When I got into high school I joined a club. This club was designed so that every Friday I would get to go into the class and do activities with everyone during lunch.This club is similar to the best buddies club that other high schools have. Once I decided to go online for school I have been trying to figure out a way to get more involved. I will be taking a part in the Best Buddies Friendship walk. If any of you would like to donate to this wonderful organization you may use the link below.

Join me in this walk on April 23.

What music keeps you inspired?

I find that all music keeps me inspired. As a fellow Choir kid, I love to sing and play the ukelele. I love to listen to all types of music. Some of my favorite genres include Rock, Jazz and pop. I also love the music from the 80’s.

What are some of your biggest goals for the future?

I have many goals for my future. I want to try and make a difference in the world.Even if Impact one persons life it would make me happy. I would also like to become stronger in my craft.

Do you have a five year plan?

I do have a five year plan. In the next five years I plan to be attending a four year University. Along with acting I would like to go to school to study something different. I have thought about business or even set design. Acting and furthering my education will continue to be my main focus in the next 5 years.

What advice would you give to any other young actors out there who want to get their start?

To anyone out there who wants to get their acting career started remember to stay true to yourself. Be confident in yourself and don’t let the word “No” bring you down.

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