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As we reflect on Bruce Willis' illustrious career and his current health struggles, let's see his net worth today.

‘Deadlock’: What’s Bruce Willis’s net worth after this movie?

As a young man, Bruce Willis had a speech impediment and was bullied for his stutter. After taking acting classes, his stammer vanished as he discovered his passion. The Armageddon star studied drama at Montclair State University but left in his junior year to pursue acting full-time in New York City.

Willis became a star who’s appeared in over sixty films. Most famously, Bruce Willis is known for Die Hard 2 & The Last Boy Scout, following on with the Sixth Sense. 

Yet despite a few straight-to-video projects, Willis’s film Deadlock (2020) helped to upgrade the actor’s net worth. Bruce Willis’s net worth has leveled up to $250 million in 2021.

Bruce Willis’s success 

Willis has consistently been one of the highest-paid leading men in Hollywood. Since the late 80s, he’s earned hundreds of millions in film salaries alone. He made $100 million from The Sixth Sense (1999), one of the highest actor salaries from a single movie ever! 

Currently, Willis’s fat check for The Sixth Sense is the second-most money ever earned by a single actor from a film. In first place is Keanu Reeves, who earned a record-breaking $156 million over just two Matrix movies.

Some critics argue Bruce Willis’s role choices have gone downhill lately, but there’s no doubt about his impressive track record. From his 1985 debut in TV hit Moonlighting – which launched him to stardom and earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe – to the silver screen, Willis has amassed a significant fortune.

Bruce Willis has been shakin’ and bakin’ for some time now. With decades of success under his belt, movies like Die Hard and Twelve Monkeys maintained his worth in the movie industry. Has Deadlock put Willis back in the running to be a Hollywood powerhouse, as well as raising his net worth?

Bruce Willis as a bad guy?! 

Deadlock, written by Jared Cohn & Cam Cannon and directed by Cohn, has Bruce Willis playing against type as villain Ron Whitlock, on a journey of revenge for his son who was killed in a police raid. Whitlock holds an energy plant hostage in a murderous rage, putting many lives in danger. Of course, retired elite army ranger Mack Karr (Patrick Muldoon) means to save all those innocents from the vengeful Whitlock.

Deadlock was released on December 3rd and the reviews are in, but perhaps not in Bruce Willis’s favor. With a disastrous IMDb rating of 3.6 out of 10, it’s clear that Willis may need to stick with his heroic roles. 

From scathing reviews noting the film’s poor execution to detailing its nonsensical premise, Deadlock has yet to win over viewers and likely never will. However, lucky for Bruce Willis, and his $250 million net worth, he can afford a few misses here and there. Fortunately for actors, their salary is already set in the contract and can’t be affected by film bombs and savage critics. 

Willis’s real estate ventures

Bruce Willis can thank his numerous valuable properties around the world for his massive net worth. In March 2019, he listed an enormous estate in Turks & Caicos for $33 million. That same year, he purchased an extravagant home in Brentwood, California. Additionally, he listed a luxurious estate in upstate New York for $13 million and sold a home in Idaho for $5 million. 

In April 2018, he sold a New York City penthouse for $18 million. Meanwhile, in 2014, he sold his opulent Beverly Hills mansion for $16.5 million. Also, in 2016, Willis’s ex-wife Demi Moore sold a New York City penthouse that they bought together in 1990 for an insane $75 million.

Whatever the critics have to report about Bruce Willis’s performances, his net worth will remain one of the highest in the industry. Have you seen Deadlock? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Worst movie I’ve ever seen with an A-list actor leading.

    April 16, 2022

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