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Look at some new titles that you can grab this festive season as well as some classic British Christmas titles that you can perhaps watch again and again.

Get nostalgic this festive season with these British Christmas movies

The festive season is the perfect time to relax and unwind at home with family and friends and what better way to do that than just watching a few Christmas themed movies. The British movie industry has a tendency to release some of the best Christmas blockbusters every year and in this article, we look at some new titles that you can grab this festive season as well as some classic Christmas titles that you can perhaps watch again and again. 

Bridget Jones 

Bridget Jones is arguably one of the best British Christmas movie ever created. The movie follows the life of a 32 year old character called Bridget, starring Renee Zellweger. At the ripe age of 32, she realizes that she still hasn’t figured out yet how her life is going. Therefore, as she prepares to enter a new year, Bridget decides to come up with a strategy with the aim of jotting down her thoughts in her diary. And during the year, Bridget’s plan is to strictly adhere to all the commitments she notes down. The task of writing in her diary is not easy though as she has to factor in almost everything that goes on in her life. Set during the Christmas season, Bridget Jones is a must watch this festive period. 

Love Actually 

Christmas is primarily known as the season of giving, but it is also seen as the perfect period to fall in love. In Love Actually, you can witness a fuse of a Christmas and love theme to bring out a brilliant romantic comedy movie. While following the love tales in this movie, viewers also get to learn more about British Christmas traditions such as annual Christmas pageants and the infamous Christmas party. 

Muppet Christmas Carol 

Muppet Christmas Carol is a classic Christmas themed movie and you could never go wrong when settling for this classic title this festive season. In this movie, an old and hopeless man is visited by the spirits of Christmas. The first spirit is from the past, the next one is from the present and the last one is from the future. Combined, these three spirits’ aim is to end the hopelessness inside the man while at the same time reminding him of the folly of his ways so that he rectifies his mistakes in future. To help him interpret the messages and visions shared to him, the old man has a group of Muppets as his friends. This Christmas, you certainly must revisit Muppet Christmas Carol for a jolly good time. 

Any James Bond Film

OK, there are no James Bond Christmas movies but since 1978, watching 007 flicks on the telly has been a British Christmas tradition. The casino loving, martini swishing spy has been featured on UK television over many past holidays via ITV. The first four Roger Moore installments were first shown on TV for the holiday season and Connery’s final film, Diamonds are Forever, was the first one to be showcased on Dec 25, 1978. Like most Bond movies, this one also focuses on casinos, with a large section of the movie set in the Circus Circus casino where Bond meets Plenty O’Tool at the craps table and spends the night with Tiffany Case, who rolls the dice. The casino is the location of the titular diamond swap.  “Bond on the box” will bring back many memories for many a Brit. So cozy yourself up with some Casino Royale this holiday season and maybe sip on an Eggnogg martini, shaken not stirred of course.

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