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Ali-Metin Olgun is a successful entrepreneur. Learn about his path to success and the tips he has for others.

Freedom of Mind by Ali-Metin Olgun Shows the Importance of Finding Satisfaction in Your Work Life

Working for money is a fact of life for almost every adult on this planet. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of these working adults are not happy about their job. A lot of them feel stuck in their current work life. Why is that? Is there even a way to mitigate these feelings?

Ali-Metin Olgun, a young and successful entrepreneur from Germany, thought the same questions. He then answered them in his book titled “Freedom of Mind.” The core purpose of this book is to help you understand the concept of satisfaction in your work life. But is that satisfaction really necessary?

There can be several causes for feeling dissatisfied with your job. One of the most common causes is not having the luxury of good friendly workplace relationships. Even the people whose jobs include no human interaction need a social connection in their workplace to feel relaxed there. Of course, not having good work relationships is one thing; having a bad relationship is a different beast entirely when it comes to workplace dissatisfaction.

Another reason why you might hate your job is the financial side of things. Maybe you think that you are not getting paid enough for your work, and you are underpaid. This feeling can turn even the job you love into a chore. After all, getting paid is the reason why you are working in the first place.

Lastly, the feeling that you want to do something else is one of the biggest reasons for so many adults feeling that their work-life is inadequate. However, that is not our solution. Not everyone can work at exactly the place that they think they want to. But that is not an issue either. The real issues lie in the fact that any activity will feel like an inconvenience once it becomes your everyday job, no matter how much you love doing it.

This book touches on this very subject and proposes a better idea to work life satisfaction, balance. Balance is the key to many good things in life, and jobs are no different. A lot of the time, the job is not the issue; your attitude towards it is. Freedom of Mind explores this idea further and suggests many tips and tricks for bringing balance to your life. It gives you advice on what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it.

Of course, none of this would matter if the author of the book didn’t know what he was talking about, which is not the case in this situation. Ali-Metin has worked at many jobs. He started at a very young age and has since experienced working at everything from a night shift production work to a petrol station. He got poorly treated by one of his bosses, decided to quit, complete his education, and start his own fitness company by the name of Libawo.

This book is the culmination of his years of experience from a night shift worker to a successful entrepreneur. Needless to say, he had that opportunity and luxury to quit and complete his education, and they have a chance at entrepreneurship. Not everyone has that chance. So, it is extremely important to learn satisfaction through your existing job.

The thing that most people misunderstand about this idea is that you have to love your job no matter what, which is utter nonsense. If your job sucks, you don’t have to lie to yourself that it doesn’t. You just have to be satisfied with what you have and not think about what you don’t.

Freedom of Mind is all about making this distinction and telling you ways to achieve a healthy outlook about your day-to-day job. You might think that there is no way for you to be at peace with your current job, and you might be right. But you could also be wrong and are just not aware of it. At the end of the day, you are the one in charge of your life, and only you have the power to change your mindset about your job into something that you can enjoy, or at the very least bear.

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