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Agent to the Stars: Rob Depaoli

Due to the greater access to significant funds enjoyed by celebrities and A-listers, these stars are able to play the real estate game at much higher levels than the average flipper. Many celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Shaquille O’Neal are all heavily invested in the real estate market, with multiple millions on the line with each and every one of their endeavors.

As a result of the high stakes of these investments, many of these stars opt to enlist the services of a reputable real estate agent, such as Robert Deapoli. Depaoli has worked with a plethora of high-value clients throughout his illustrious career and continues to do so as he manages in excess of 200 active clients. This article will delve into Depaoli’s achievements and the reasons behind why these stars continue to put their faith in him as their agent.

Depaoli’s Clients

Depaoli is currently actively managing over 200 clients, and among others, provides representation for premium clients such as film executives, talent agents, attorneys, real estate investors, tech executives, doctors, real estate investors, and professional athletes. In particular, Depaoli is especially proud to have represented players for the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics, among many other professional teams.

However, attaining this caliber of clientele is not a feat that can be achieved overnight. Indeed, it has taken a long and successful career packed with experience to warrant such clients. Having started in the real estate industry as a realtor in 2013, Depaoli has played a part in the closing of more than $700,000,000 in real estate property deals. Furthermore, he has built specialisms in luxury home development, investment properties, and buyer/seller representation – which aligns him perfectly with the needs of stars in the real estate market.

Shortly after commencing his career as a realtor, Depaoli began investing in real estate himself three years later. He currently owns a wide variety of property types, such as short-term rentals, single-family homes, commercial investments, and apartment buildings, mostly in Los Angeles and Nashville. In addition to this, he has also been personally responsible for the management and investment in many spec development projects in places stretching from Manhattan Beach to Hawthorne.

Career Successes

As a result of the vast myriad of properties Depaoli has interacted with throughout his career, his experience with many different property types has allowed him to be more receptive and able to adapt to the continually changing demands of his clients and the market. He says, “Change is constant. Globally, we’ve had to learn that in a significant way. The only way to survive and to continue thriving is a willingness to adapt.”

Depaoli’s career has even caught the attention of the public eye, with the Wall Street Journal recently acknowledging his skillset and ranking him within the top 262 real estate agents in 2021. Since there are over 500,000 operating real estate agents in the possible pool this publication could have chosen from, their placement is tantamount to ranking him in the top 0.05% of real estate agents. 

This is not the first achievement Depaoli has been successful in acquiring, given that within the first year of starting his career in real estate he had earned the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award (at the young age of only 23). It is clear that the awards recognizing what he has done in the real estate industry is not only in the past, and he has recently achieved another distinction: that of his team being selected as one of Los Angeles Magazine’s 2023 Real Estate All Stars appearing in the January issue.

Final Thoughts

It comes as no surprise that many stars and professional athletes trust Depaoli with representing them during their real estate transactions. Due to the significant sums of money and luxury properties that are frequently involved, a specialist agent like Depaoli is a requirement to operate in this elevated real estate setting. As such, Depaoli’s specialist experience in this setting, in particular, renders him extremely desirable for any star.

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