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We thank the tech boffins who have created a number of products to help us lowly bards in the creative process when using screenwriting apps on the go.

Screenwriting apps: On the go

At the core of every community the world over is the desire to speak and learn from each other. We don’t know if ancient Egyptians got writer’s block, but we do know writing a screenplay can feel daunting at times. Fear not, dear writer, as your life is about to get a whole lot easier. We thank the Silicon Valley tech boffins who have created a number of apps to help us lowly bards in the creative process when screenwriting on the go.

Naming App
Free; in-app purchases

Okay, it’s not a bespoke app for writers, but it’s still pretty useful for thinking up character names.


This app works a little bit like printing out paper and annotating by hand. Use it to annotate your research, your notes or even your drafts.

A script supervisor is an important part of the team and when you inevitably move up in the biz and become a big shot in Hollywood, they are a non-negotiable part of the team. So what exactly do they do and why do you need one?

Final Draft

We all know the classic Final Draft, and many of us swear by it. It’s available for your iPad now, which makes writing your screenplay on the go easier than ever.

Hanx Writer

An experiential app created by Tom Hanks, this is basically a typewriter in your pocket, so you can pretend to be a Golden Age of Hollywood writer, without the finger strain.

Lists for Writers

This app is a godsend for those with writer’s block and those struggling to get started – provides prompts to help you brainstorm ideas.

So ya wanna be a screenwriter. You've typed your fingers off. What next? The short answer is: enter some reputable screenwriting competitions, stat.

A Novel Idea
Free; in-app purchases

This app for all writers helps with plotting, planning, and execution. We’re not crazy about the UX, but it really helps for getting your thoughts in order.

Index Card

At times, we like to do things the old-fashioned way. I love nothing more than working with index cards after I write my beat sheet, but more often than not they end up a badly organized mess. This app keeps your index cards organized and supercharged. We can’t rate this app highly enough.

Weekend Reader

Weekend Reader is the agent assistant’s dream. It properly formats screenplays so you can read them on the go. Get your friends and family to download it when you ask for notes on your new script.

Fade In

Fade In is a fantastic (cheaper) alternative to Final Draft.

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