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Are you an artistic person? Using paint by numbers, you can enjoy painting and boost your creativity! Here's how to get those creative juices flowing.

How Paint By Numbers Can Develop Creativity

Painting by numbers has been around for quite some time, however, it has only recently started gaining global popularity. The recent pandemic has led many individuals to seek various ways to spend their free time and make their stay at home more enjoyable. Others have taken up this hobby simply as a way to learn how to paint.

Regardless of the reason behind this choice, paint by numbers projects have many benefits when it comes to the creative development of individuals of all ages. The activity has, in fact, been used by a large number of accomplished artists as a stepping stone in their creative development. Most of them continue to support paint by numbers projects as a way to learn the basics of painting.

Developing creativity and artistic critical thinking

To understand how painting by numbers can develop an individual’s creativity, it is important to first look at what the activity consists of. Painting Kits are easy to find and contain all the supplies that are necessary for a project. Everything is included, from canvas to the paint and brushes.

This leaves individuals with only one task – to follow the instructions that come with the kit. While it may seem like a mindless task, it’s extremely effective at developing critical thinking with regard to art.

The canvas features numbered sections that indicate what colour should be applied to them. This may seem restrictive, but it is a good start for individuals who miss the relaxation that they felt as children when using colouring books. Furthermore, these projects take the sketch work out of the equation. 

Sometimes, it’s better to learn how to paint before learning how to draw. Paint by numbers projects help individuals subconsciously study both the full picture as well as the many elements that compose it. They also take the guesswork out of choosing and mixing colours.

Those who undertake these projects will slowly gain a better understanding of how an image comes together from multiple, separate elements. Incidentally, this is also one of the most important lessons when it comes to painting and drawing.

Understanding how simple shapes can create complex objects and images develops creativity, abstract thinking, and general cognition.

Supplies are easy to find & use

Paint by numbers paintings are guided DIY projects, which means that all the instructions needed to complete them come with the package. Furthermore, all products, such as the ones from PaintingKits come with paints, brushes, instructions, a pre-drawn and numbered canvas, and some may even include a frame for the finished painting.

Generally speaking, the price of the kits tends to be smaller than the total price of elements that they include. This makes them one of the most affordable ways to learn how to paint.

This having been said, kits are limited in the sense that each of them is designed for a particular image. However, the sheer number of products that are available on the market makes it easy to find any design, from mandalas to portraits and landscapes.

It’s also possible to find kits that are specifically designed for children or entire families. These tend to have a lower difficulty level, but offer the same cognitive benefits as more complex ones.

Healthy hobby at any age

It’s said that it’s never too late to learn a new skill. While children are innately more creative than adults and will benefit more from painting by numbers, these projects are great for individuals of any age.

Painting by numbers projects help teach children colours, they learn how to distinguish shapes, and they can also learn how to count. Furthermore, more complex design helps them focus their attention and develops motor functions that require dexterity.

This type of painting is often the most affordable, especially for beginners. Simpler kits require less dexterity to complete, while more complex ones are designed for individuals with steady hands and lots of patience.

When taken up as a hobby, this activity can also be extremely beneficial to adults, especially to those who lead stressful lives or who have issues with focusing on their work. Over time, painting by numbers helps individual develop their cognitive skills and enhance their ability to ignore distractions. Furthermore, painting with numbers can be a great way to manage anxiety and build confidence.

Depending on the experience of each individual, it’s possible to take a few artistic liberties and add variation to a painting. By changing the colours, using different types of brush strokes, or adding shading, anyone can create a beautiful display piece, all while developing their creativity.

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