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If you live in South Dakota, filing for divorce has never been easier. You can even get divorced easily online if it's uncontested. Find out how here.

File for an Uncontested Divorce Without a Lawyer in South Dakota

The divorce process and all the subsequent actions can be incredibly stressful for all participants. In addition to the psychological factor of realizing the loss of a family relationship and marriage, there is discomfort due to high financial costs and managing the process.

Often, the spouse who initiates the divorce postpones the decision because of the above points. The financial component and lack of free time are undoubtedly important, but the need for frequent meetings with lawyers and visits to the court is at the top of the list of unpleasant factors related to filing for divorce.

Therefore, it is not surprising that divorcing couples are interested in finding legal mechanisms that could simplify the divorce case at all stages, from the moment of filing a petition to the final resolution of the court. Such tools are legitimate and popular in all American states, not excluding South Dakota.

The Definition of Uncontested Divorce Format in South Dakota

An uncontested divorce is a divorce procedure that affords its participants the option of forgoing third-party assistance, such as attorneys, legal consultants, and generally anyone other than the two spouses directly. From the outside, this seems like an acceptable and preferable option for the applicant and the defendant. Although to qualify a case in an uncontested form, the parties need to make some effort.

The uncontested format implies a mutual agreement between divorcing spouses, the clauses of which exclude court pleadings and legal disputes on any issues. A couple can submit a joint petition, or one of the spouses can act as a petitioner, while the other party will become a respondent in the process.

As a rule, the agreement should cover issues related to the division of joint property, child custody and agreements on communication with children, the payment of alimony and other financial obligations, and the separation and distribution of all common debts, assets, credit lines, and mortgages.

If the spouses fail to reach a mutual agreement, the couple may be advised to mediate the divorce with the help of a specially invited third party – the mediator. If the case no longer meets all the requirements for applying for an uncontested divorce, it could be referred for mandatory procedural consideration in court, and divorce attorneys will have to be brought in. 

Advantages of an Uncontested Format and Online Divorce Services

Getting a divorce in an uncontested format is obviously a more affordable option than the traditional process. The main feature that attracts most clients and motivates them to conclude a pre-divorce agreement between spouses is the ability to manage their case in a do-it-yourself mode without an attorney.

The DIY divorce process involves the independent management of all stages, up to the final resolution of the court. If the spouses can communicate, the uncontested format can save them from hiring divorce lawyers, who are paid hourly and are quite expensive in the United States.

Provided that all the characteristics for the uncontested case are met, the petitioner can use a special auxiliary online divorce paperwork preparatory service. These websites can be a profitable solution for the parties since such services provide a practical solution for selecting and preparing all the necessary divorce forms.


The web divorce services are pretty simple to use. The user completes a survey to share the details of their case. Then the system processes the information provided in the questionnaire to select and complete all of the required forms specific to the couple’s unique circumstances. The user can subsequently submit the ready-made documents to the court, initiating the divorce process.

All forms that the service provides are relevant and comply with the norms of the law and the requirements of local courts, which means they are guaranteed to be accepted for consideration. The benefit of using an online divorce service is that the user receives a complete packet of prepared documents while saving time and not spending extra money on consultations with divorce lawyers.

Most online divorce services prepare the documents within two business days from the date of registration. The service does require payment of a fixed fee, but it is often significantly less than the hourly payment of attorneys or a one-time legal consultation. A standard filing fee must also be paid to the court at the time of filing. 

South Dakota law requires divorce papers to be notarized and brought to the county clerk to legitimize the divorce case. It is recommended to prepare several copies of all divorce documents — one to serve to the second party and one for your records.

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