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Looking to make a production, but don't know how to go about hiring? Why not consider an entertainment staffing agency?

Looking for talent? Why you need an entertainment staffing agency

The entertainment industry is a large conglomerate, home to so many different forms of artists coming together to bring the world something to enjoy. Whether you’re in TV or film production, you know it takes a whole village to create the final project millions will watch at the end of the day. 

But sometimes it’s hard to gather the people you need. Especially if it’s a smaller production, you want good talent but don’t know where to look. Sure, everyone’s got that brother, uncle, cousin, sister-in-law, etc. that is looking for a job in the industry. But you want reliable talent that you know will get the job done, and to your specifications. 

So why not look into media staffing? Staffing agencies are designed to help you find the people you need that will do the job the best. With years of experience in the industry, they know what to look for in a qualified candidate, and can connect you to your dream hire. Here’s why they’re worth your time.

Dig through the trash

When you post your listing on a job search website, you’re stuck dealing with plenty of applicants that don’t fit your criteria. There will also be plenty of applicants that fit your needs, but you can’t tell for sure which one will fit best for your needs.

Entertainment staffing agencies have plenty of experience digging through resumes to find you the best fit. Whether you need an audio engineer, a makeup artist, or camera operator, they know what skills you need to make your production best. They’ll skim through, so the people you get through them are the cream of the crop.

Covers all levels

No matter what position you need, these agencies can find you the people you’re looking for. Whether you’re getting short-term PA replacements or need a production manager to go on the whole ride with you, a staffing agency can pull anyone you want to get the job done.

Business handshake and business people

Smooth on-boarding process

Of course, what point is getting people if you can’t get them trained and ready to go quickly? Entertainment recruiting companies can get your new hires ready to go. Training is half the struggle with getting new hires, and they make it a lot easier. 

Whether you need them to fill out W-2s and NDAs, or you have more formal training, these companies are designed to get that train going so by the time they’re on set, they’re ready to get to work. You can use them day 1 rather than wait until day 6 to get started. 

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