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Diamond painting is the new crafting trend taking the world by storm. Involve your whole family in this fun activity with these kid-approved kits.


Diamond painting is a trend currently, which is taking over the creativity of artists of all ages. It is a creative activity that gives your painting a mosaic look and shines to another level. You need to follow the directions to create a painting with diamond gems instead of paint, and as a result, it will become a colorful 3D diamond art.

This DIY crafting activity adds creativity without needing someone to be artistic. As the All Custom Diamond Painting are going worldwide now, people have been gaining more interest in it, and so are the kids. There is a variety of kids available to choose from for artists. Here we will break down the details of the five best diamond kits for kids to use so that you can get the best one for your child. 

How to Choose?

Choosing the perfect Diamond Painting Kit can make your children or adults a great artist. If you are a member of the diamond painting community already, you might be wondering to share the whole experience with your family member or a friend as well. Today, we will cover an overview of diamond painting and some recommendations for kids’ best diamond painting kits.

Recommendations For The Best Diamond Painting Kits:

1- Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond-Painting:

Containing two diamond suncatchers and 12 diamond art stickers, this kit is two in one. It features magical designs such as unicorns, rainbows, dragons, and stars. It includes more than 1,000 rainbow-colored gems. The surface of its stickers and suncatchers have self-adhesive for the kids to have a more accessible glue-free application, and this kit contains a pen and a plastic tray for you to keep your diamonds in place.

2- ParNarZar Easy 3D Diamond-Painting Kit:
This kid includes canvases of a variety of animals like a turtle, panda, or bear. It has gems of different sizes to add visual interest, and this kit includes a stylus and a tray for organized play. The best part is that this kit comes with a frame to hang your painting on the wall or put it on the tabletop to enjoy your child’s finished painting.

3- Maydear Easy Diamond-Painting Kit:
This diamond-painting kit features pared-down designs in vibrant colors, an excellent choice for beginners and kids of younger ages. You can choose from a variety of canvases, with the compositions of every animal. Each canvas has a waterproof and sticky surface for a glue-free application and long-lasting hold of the gems. This makes it a mess-free play, so it is recommended for 4+ kids.

4- Homokea Diamond-Painting for Kids:
Another kit with a beginner-friendly canvas design. Its template contains the image of a unicorn with bold lines and open spaces. Each diamond has a self-adhesive feature. This kit also includes an applicator pen and a tray for the gems. This kit is suitable for young children as well. It is an easy and rewarding craft that gives you a shiny result.


5- Sinceroduct Diamond-Painting Stickers Kits:

This one is an excellent choice for teachers who are looking for classroom-friendly kits. It is an animal themes sticker set with 18 individual stickers per pack. There’s a sticker for every student. It contains a stylus and a tray for easy gem application and better organization. It contains environmentally-friendly resins with non-toxic materials which are safe for kids of all ages. After completing the craft, the kids will enjoy putting their shiny stickers on notebooks, computers, or laptops.

What Diamond Painting Kits Should I Consider? 
There are two types of gems used in Paint with Diamonds are round and square. Both of them are used to make high-quality diamond paintings that reflect light, but most artists prefer using round diamonds as it can be tricky to work with square-shaped diamonds. Only you can judge by your child’s skill, which shape to consider but round ones are beginner-friendly so you should always prefer them.

Diamond kits come with full-drill or partial drill canvases. Full-drill ones mean you will have to cover the entire surface with diamond gems, and the partial ones mean that some part of the background is already colored, so you don’t have to apply the gems on that part. Both are easy options for children, though most of the challenging designs are available with full-drill canvases.

Tips for Making Diamond Painting an Enjoyable Experience for Kids and Parents Alike:

1- It would be best to have a workspace dedicated to this craft, whether it’s a table in the corner or a separate section on the kitchen table. Its essentials, regardless of the age of the artist, are good lighting and a comfortable chair.

2- Choose a color scheme or theme that matches your kids’ interests.

3- Pick a painting kit that is suitable for your child’s skill level and age.

4- Make them take more breaks. Even if your child is entirely into the activity, they need to walk or stretch for a few minutes while working, so they don’t get bored or frustrated with the activity. It also helps with really focused muscles or eyes to get relaxed.


I’m sure you have a lot of leftover gems if you’ve been diamond painting for a while. Now you might be wondering what to do with the leftover diamond gems? There are quite a few ideas to utilize, including using the gems to make a calm-down jar, using beads to decorate paper crafts, creating greeting cards, decorating flower pots, creating costumes, and even doing a manicure or pedicure with the leftover beads.

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