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How to Paint House Professionally? Essential Tips and Steps for Painting Your House

Painting the exterior or the interior of the house can be a very daunting task if you do not know the right methods. When you are painting your house properly, you are preventing the walls from water, wind, and other natural threats. As painting is a huge investment, you should take care so that the painting process goes well with the appropriate material.

Prepare Your House at First 

Make sure you are painting your house at the right time of the year. Extreme temperatures either very cold or very hot can spoil your painting process entirely. Early autumn or late spring is the best times for painting your house. Check the weather forecast so that there are no signs of rain during the process of painting. You should remove all the defective paints, if any, and clean your house properly. You also need a proper inspection of your house whether it requires any repairs on the damages. When all the repairing activities are done well, you should put a primer on the surface of the walls and select the paint.

Paint Your House 

You should select the right tools for painting. Different options like a paint sprayer, brush, and roller can be used according to convenience and personal preferences.

  • Use A Roller- Rollers are used for painting all the sides of the walls evenly so that no blank spaces remain. The paint needs to be applied in crisscross strokes and for filling the gaps, up-and-down strokes are also required. If you need professional guidance, the experienced Brisbane commercial painters at Surepaint will help you.
  • Use Spray And Back Technique- When you require evenness and speed both, spray and roll-back techniques can be used. Two people are required for working simultaneously, where one person uses the sprayer and the other person uses the roller to spread the paint evenly.
  • Use Brush- When you are painting for the first time, the brush is preferred in most cases. You should dip the brush until the bristles are covered with paint in the middle. You should touch the brush at different points against the walls with horizontal lines. For even coverage, you should fill all the empty spots.

Paint the Sidings 

Before you work on the trim, all the sidings of your house are painted. While painting the sidings of the walls, you should follow some simple rules

  • Follow the Sun- You should follow the schedule of the Sun and work under the shade. Direct sunlight should be avoided as it can affect the quality of the paint.
  • From Top To Bottom- While painting you should always work from top to bottom or left to right.
  • Use Ladder Carefully- When you are using ladders, make sure they are extendable ones so that you can use them conveniently.


While painting your house, you should follow some basic guidelines for obtaining the best results. When you are confused about the painting process, you should take guidance from professional painters or hire them professionally to paint your house. Make sure you have selected the best weather and the best materials for painting your house.

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