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Coloring can be a fun and rejuvenating activity. Here's all the creative things to do with your coloring pages.

Interesting and valuable things to do with coloring pages

Coloring can be a fun and rejuvenating activity. In the past, it seemed like an activity designed for kids only, and that is one of the reasons we mostly see Coloring pages for kids and adults. However, thanks to recent research, coloring has become a therapeutic activity for adults too. The activity is seen to relieve stress, boost creativity and even enhance one’s motor skills. It is a great all-in-one deal.

Most of the coloring pages we see online are for kids, like the Paw Patrol coloring pages. Nonetheless, there are plenty of adult coloring pages full of fun and delicate patterns. 

Overall, that’s a great activity, but what do you do with the pages when you are done with them? After coloring them, you can frame the first coloring pages of your child or stack them up. Today we will be showing you some creative things to do with your coloring pages.

Top 5 exciting and valuable projects to put your coloring pages to use

So, now since you have made it an activity for everyone, you would be left with stacks of coloring pages. These can be pretty important if they are your children’s and don’t want to shove them in the bin. Here are a few things you can do to put them to good use and save them for a long time ahead.

  • Design your phone case

Let’s start the list with a fun, creative, and valuable project for your finished coloring pages. With those, you can easily make a DIY phone cover for yourself. What you need are a clear phone case and your favorite colored page. 

Afterward, cut out the coloring page according to the size of your phone cover. Make sure to cut nice and neat, keeping the camera and flashlight holes in mind. Next, you can glue it to the inside of the transparent case, or if you want to change it more often, you can just fit it for a while.

  • Make an envelope

We all made paper envelopes when we were younger. This time, you can use your pre-loved coloring pages and make one from them. You can either try freehand by following a tutorial or get a template for the type of envelope you want to make. These can be super personalized and great to give to your loved ones.

  • Prepare bookmarks

If you are a bookaholic, this one’s for you. An excellent and super helpful thing you can do with your finished coloring sheets is design your bookmarks from them. 

These can be super easy and fun to make, and you end up with beautiful, durable, and one of a kind, bookmarks. All you need to do is cut out your favorite pattern in strips and then attach it to a piece of cardboard to have a thickness or laminate it to make it last a lifetime. You can also attach ribbons or tassels to make it fancier.

  • Frame displays

If you are one of those parents that want to save up everything your child does, a great idea can be to frame your toddler’s masterpieces. This may seem like a costly DIY, but it’s super cheap. All you need are:

  • Your child’s finished coloring pages
  • A few frames (grab some from the dollar store)
  • A little bit of spare time

Next, you’ll frame the coloring pages and hang them in your child’s bedroom or anywhere you like.

  • Wall of sayings

The tiny cute frames can be an excellent idea for your child, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be applied to adult coloring pages. You can make yourself your very own “wall of sayings.” This can be a collection of all the quotes that have kept you going or taught you something throughout life. You can find quotes as coloring pages from many sites online, print them up, color them and hang or paste them on your wall of sayings.


Coloring pages may seem like something you have to get rid of when you’re done with. But that’s not the case; with these ideas, you can bring your finished and pre-loved coloring sheets to good use. In addition, with these crafts, you can do projects with your personalized touch on them. 

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  • Coloring is a great way to keep your kids busy and happy. But what do you think they’ll want to do once it’s all over? Here are some ideas for using up those coloring pages!

    March 16, 2022

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