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Massive success takes a lot of factors, and one of them is thinking out of the box. Cody Kerns walks his followers through using creativity to be rich.

Cody Kerns On Using Creative Freedom In His Businesses’ Success

Cody Kerns is an entrepreneur and investor from Boca Raton, Florida, who owns multiple businesses in different locations. He is the CEO and founder of iComeUp Marketing, a social media marketing firm that is servicing over 3,000 clients all over the United States. Cody is also the founder and CEO of other big companies, namely Kerns Marketing and Kerns Capital.

Digital marketing has been Cody’s focus ever since the idea of starting his own business crossed his mind. It would make sense then if he used his knowledge and expertise in this discipline to establish his companies. 

Now, his multiple businesses have helped over 4,000 other businesses and individuals grow their reach and increase their revenue. His business has also paved the way for him to work with some of the top social media brands and influencers such as The Apex Agency, Highkey Clout, and thousands more.

Social media marketing has been used more frequently by more companies in recent years to expand their businesses. Through this method, companies and individual entities are able to promote their products or services at much lower costs. 

This is where Cody Kerns and his companies do their magic for other businesses that don’t have the time to manage their social media pages.

Businesses can grow awareness of their brands through an increased following on their social media pages. For this reason, more businesses, both large and small, have embraced the power of social networking sites in developing their companies. 

Cody’s companies help these businesses by developing ads for them, improving their media content, and increasing their online sales and flow of leads.

Cody’s companies have all been successful, generating a total of $15 million in digital sales with little to no spending on ads. 

His own social media accounts, particularly Instagram and LinkedIn, have gained a massive following as well through his active engagement with people online. His website has grown significantly in recent years where he has links to most of his businesses.

Aside from his successful engagements in social media and digital marketing, Cody is invested in multi-family and single-family real estate. Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is also something he has become heavily involved in recently. 

Through crypto marketing and real estate investing, Cody has earned revenues as much as seven digits.

In Cody’s journey to success, he shares that his biggest lesson was to allow his team creative freedom. 

Forcing others to be something they’re not and pushing them to do things that they’re not passionate about is a big mistake. It’s essential in running any kind of business to allow the people who work for you to find their purpose, which will improve their willingness to work.

Cody sees himself owning ten more companies when he turns 30 and having a net worth of ten to twenty million. 

He intends to focus more on multi-family real estate holdings to make a positive impact on the families and associates surrounding and supporting him. Cody explains that he had to eliminate all distractions and excuses to become successful, and he wants others to emulate this mindset.


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