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How to Help Expats Acclimate to a Large Team

How to Help Expats Acclimate to a Large Team

Usually, trying to adapt to a large team in an organization is always a big task, and now think of expats who are just getting to a new terrain; they’ll have a hard time adjusting. Sometimes, passing through communication barriers, dealing with team dynamics that are unfamiliar, and handling a new type of culture can be so overwhelming. Although, if you put in place the proper support and plans, it can be significantly easier to help expats settle nicely into your organization and work well with other available teams.

To help expats settle nicely into your organization, you need to understand the phases of their relocation to a new destination. 

These phases include the following:

  • Making decisions
  • Planning and putting together preparations
  • Moving and setting down into a new location

If you want to help expats acclimate to large teams, it’s essential to provide them with the utmost support.

Helping With Video-Based Learning 

Learning is a process that sometimes can be challenging, especially for expats that are just trying to get themselves acclimatized with the way things are done in an organization. And that’s why you need to explore different types of learning and select one to ensure that expats can comfortably adapt to the team. For instance, the usage of video-based learning can help expats improve their training procedure and also have a great experience with knowing new things.

Video-based learning is a type of eLearning procedure that helps learners to obtain new knowledge and skills through watching videos. 

There are some different types of video-based learning, and they include the following:

  • Whiteboard
  • Animations
  • Webinar

When you help with video-based learning for expats, they can comprehend things well, retain new knowledge in their memory, and develop interactions with other team members.

Visionary Communities

Some company owners understand the need for global diversity within their organization, and that’s why you’ll see them hire expats into the enterprise. However, the smarter ones believe that, for expats to be efficient within the enterprise, they need to implement structures to ensure that. One way to help expats acclimate with the large team in your business is to introduce them to visionary communities.

A visionary community is an association in which individuals come together to share thoughts, network, provide coaching and talk about new insights that can be instrumental in helping members grow and develop. Introducing expats to visionary communities allows them to gain more exposure in the industry, get coached by experts and mentors, have the freedom and balance to relate with members, and acquire valuable connections. Not only will they be able to acclimate to a large team, but they will also find it easy to develop themselves and contribute massively to the organization’s growth.

Entrepreneur Communities

Funny enough, there’s one constant fact about us humans: we have it in our nature to stay in groups and try to amass connections that can help us reach greater heights. So, another way through which you can ensure that expats don’t get discouraged about moving to their new location and as well be able to integrate into the team nicely is by ensuring that they belong to communities of entrepreneurs. Since bringing expats into your business is to achieve growth, you need to be part of an entrepreneurial community that can help them grow. 

Entrepreneur communities are business associations where members can help themselves grow, acquire the right connections and gather knowledge from experienced persons that have been in operations for an extended period. 

However, you need to know that making expats belong to a specific entrepreneur community is based on two factors that include:

  • Level of entrepreneurship (either beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • Particular aspect of entrepreneurship (can consist of Growth or SaaS)

Some entrepreneurship communities that you can encourage expats to join so they can adapt quickly to a large team include the Furlough community, The Saas community, and Indie Worldwide.

Expat Communities

Surely, you may have come across some group of folks who aren’t from your country but reside there and do things together periodically (they can occasionally gather together to talk about their experiences or discuss different things). Their coming together is referred to as a community of expats, and apart from living in a foreign country, they maintain solid connections with their home country and cultural background. Expat communities can comprise different sorts of people, including students, working employees, folks that want to experience something new, and retirees. 

Do you know that expat communities are a crucial aspect of the worldwide terrain due to the roles they play in the provision of support and a sense of belonging to folks abroad? Yeah, that’s why introducing expats in your company to these communities can help to learn something new, acquire support that can help them navigate the difficulties of living life overseas, and even learn how to speak the language of locals! In fact, you may not need to do much if expats join these communities and are already enjoying the benefits.


Well, there’s no way someone wants to settle down in a new place and won’t continue to pay taxes to the authorities. Taxing is one of the significant ways countries develop their society, and that’s why, no matter the caliber of people who come to occupy the territory, they have to pay their taxes. However, taxing procedures can be challenging for expats if they don’t have the knowledge or the right professional to help them.

Basically, expats that come from the U.S. have a lot of benefits when it comes to taxes, although following the guidance of a consultant can make it possible for them to enjoy such. Since you don’t want your expat to struggle with taxing procedures and gain some little perks, it’s essential to ensure they understand expat tax credits. That’s because expat tax credits not only help them to get settled quickly in a large team but also ensure they don’t attract penalties or punishment associated with defaulting taxes.

What to do Next

To ensure that your business continues to grow and has a lot of international recognition, it’s good to bring expats into the organization. However, helping them acclimate with other team members in the company, particularly when it’s a large number, can be pretty difficult. Providing them with video-based learning, encouraging them to join communities (visionary, entrepreneur, and expat), and ensuring they have good knowledge about taxing procedures can help you to ease the complexities of settling down into the company.

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