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Why do People Buy Expensive Forgiato Wheels? Which Models do They Go for?

Bold. Sensual. Exotic. Luxurious.
These are just a few adjectives people use when they are describing Forgiato Wheels. Set up in 2006, Forgiato manufactures high-end and ultra-high-performance aftermarket rims for premium vehicles. This All-American company is based out of Los Angeles and is one of the world’s most premium aftermarket brands.

Indeed, some of their models are so expensive that it is a decided turnoff. But when you own a stretch BMW or a Rolls-Royce Wraith or a Bentley Continental, few brands can add as much panache and style as Forgiato rims.

Why are these rims so popular despite the steep price tags?
Well, there are several reasons to explain why Forgiato Wheels are so special. That it manufactures only custom-made rims is already one reason why the price tags are scary! Of course, there are several models that are more affordable.
Forgiato competes with such brands as Vossen, Konig, Lexani, and Savini in the customized rims niche. Since 2006, it has been one of the market leaders despite such steep competition.

3 reasons why Forgiato Wheels are so special
Forgiato is no ordinary brand; it is more of a Superbrand in its niche. Did you know that a handful of Forgiato Wheels models also feature the most expensive aftermarket rims as well as the most deluxe?
That paradox is impossible to miss.
Here are 3 primary reasons that explain why Forgiato Wheels are so widely revered.

  1. A higher level of engineering: Forgiato has won several awards for its engineering and material management. It uses space-age technologies and superior aluminum that are far superior to the 6061-T6 alloys that dominate the market currently.
    Each set of original Forgiato rims is designed using the latest and most cutting-edge technology. It is well-known that several A-list celebrities – from Michael Jordan to Kylie Jenner to rappers including Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz – use handcrafted premium rims from the House of Forgiato.
    It is because these rims are designed for premier vehicles from iconic brands using technological sophistication as a strategy.
  1. The element of made-to-order craftsmanship: Each year, the company showcases its latest designs at the ‘Forgiato Fest’, a unique gathering of tech enthusiasts and lovers of niche brands. Since 2014, the Fest has consistently drawn crowds thanks to superior models that look straight out of a sci-fi movie or even a Mad Max or Tron
    Dallas is usually where the fest is held. A fest is a perfect way to celebrate the Forgiato way of life: uncompromising and singular.
    Thanks to its wide array of made-to-order wheels, Forgiato Wheels is currently one of the most valuable brands in the aftermarket scene.
  1. Forging luxury and art: The design team at the company goes to great lengths to ensure that each model is astounding in its own way. Forgiato manufactures some of the most stunning models of premium rims every year. It is no wonder that these one-off rims are so highly prized.

Forgiato Wheels regularly takes feedback from stakeholders including high-flying clients. It helps the company keep track of trends and fads and these are then incorporated into their final products.

Wow! Which are the top 3 Forgiato Wheels?
Forgiato does not give out their sales details, but we managed to dig out some secrets using the information we collected from AudioCity USA, a 34+ years old retailer of aftermarket rims in California.

All models are forged using the company’s patented technology.

  1. Staggered Autonomo-L in dual-tone finish: Leading the pack is this marvelous staggered set of rims that can be customized in several different ways. From the rivets, the window, the spokes, the inner and outer lip, and the center face, you can choose a finish that you like!

    Trust the 19-inch model in a stunning dual-tone finish with a chrome lip to change the way your ride looks. Staggered models are usually more expensive but will also suit more vehicles. You can ask for changes of offset and bolt patterns.

    Right now, the silver and gold finish is in huge demand. It suits most premium passenger cars and will also look like a million bucks on a well-maintained heritage vehicle.
    The Autonomo-L has been featured in several music videos and movies.

  1. Avviato-FF in silver: Yes, the Avviato-FF is a flow-forged wonder from Forgiato Wheels and is slightly less expensive than some other models. Nonetheless, it is a stunning piece of work that will knock off the style quotient of any vehicle to all-time highs. If you are new to Forgiato, go for the 20-inch model in brushed silver topped up with a chrome lip.

    This is generally the first choice for the elite clientele who own luxury sedans, sports cars, and coupes. However, the Avviato-FF is extremely versatile and will also suit an aging Chevrolet Caprice and even a worn-out Camaro.

    This model has recently graced the Cadillac Escalade too, even though these are not meant for off-roading.
    With the smaller rim, you can easily fit bigger and better tires for more comfortable rides.

  1. Blocco: The Forgiato Blocco is easily one of the most recognizable names in the niche of super-deluxe rims. It is available in several incredible finishes; still, you should probably opt for the 20-inch gloss black rim with smooth mango orange inserts. The Blocco is Forgiato Wheels at its finest.

    This modded rim is perfect for modded cars. From customized BMW sedans to Alfa Romeos and from color-matched Maseratis to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class; this is a rim that celebrates the culmination of art and engineering.

Do note that not all retailers of Forgiato Wheels are authorized. Please check the manufacturers’ website before you proceed. And be wary of inexpensive rims- they might be fakes!

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