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Are you looking for the perfect SUV for a getaway without breaking the bank? Check out this list of the best used SUVs that you can actually afford!

10 Best Used SUVs to Buy Under Your Range

The SUV market continues to grow even faster than before! With more and more new models being released from showrooms, it’s not hard for people who want a car that can handle whatever comes their way. And now you’ll be able to get one with an electric powertrain too – just in case we reach 2030 when all cars must have at least some sort of alternative fuel capabilities.

It sounds too exciting to buy and own a brand-new SUV. But what if you’re looking for something used? 

Well, the same principles apply with buying any type of vehicle: buy smartly by getting as much information on price ranges or model years so that when it comes time to sell – which will happen sooner than later given today’s rising fuel prices! –you make out like a bandit because depreciation is low in this market (especially compared).

Here we have come up with the 10 best used SUV under 20000 dollars. So, you can also fulfill your dream of owning an SUV. Let’s start exploring these SUVs:

Mazda CX-3

Make no mistake, this is not your average compact SUV. Mazda CX-3 is on the top of the list of our best used SUVs under 20000 dollars. The CX-3 has a martial attitude with its sharp styling and characterful driving experience that will remind you of the sports car on wheels we all know so well from Mazda’s line up. 

It may be practical for what it sets out to do – provide easy access when folded down seats are needed as well some extra space in addition thanks mostly because there’s plenty enough room inside. 

The SKYACTIV-D diesel engine is the best choice if you are looking to get a good fuel economy. The 2.0 litre car has an affordable price tag but it is thirstier than other models so make sure that your wallet can handle this before purchasing one of these cars.

Ford Kuga SUV

The Kuga is Ford’s latest SUV to join the growing ranks of both luxury sedans and sport utility vehicles on offer. In terms of reliability, buyers can be sure that they won’t have any problems with this vehicle as it has been generally praised for its strong performance in these areas by consumers who bought a used car earlier than themselves. This is why it is one of our picks among the best used SUVs under 20000.

The conservative exterior design will keep you grounded while driving but don’t worry because there’s plenty inside too! You’ll find ample space up front thanks to generous amounts of legroom provided behind driver and passenger seats alike – not to mention two Individual climate control systems which means more comfortable rides no matter where your preference lies.

The Ford Kuga is a car that doesn’t just feel brilliant to drive, it’s also engaging. You’ll have plenty of power with your choice between the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engine and we recommend going for one equipped with keyless start as well!

This vehicle offers quiet cruising ability thanks in part from its Zetec trim level – but if you want some extra luxuries such as heated seats or dual zone climate control then opt out at Titanium level instead which will give more upgraded features like rear parking sensors plus other goodies on offer too.

Toyota R4V4

The Toyota RAV4 is known around the world for being reliable and practical, with a cavernous boot that can hold plenty of cargo when you fold down your seats. The entry level Icon model has all of this standard equipment too.

The 2.0-litre D-4D diesel is the choice in engine range, with plenty of punch to satisfy drivers who are looking for an SUV that won’t excite them like a Mazda CX5 can do. It delivers around 60mpg which makes it very economical in large size cars and SUVs such as this one.

The best part about owning an RAV4? You have five years/100k miles on your warranty after purchase; if anything ever goes wrong during those first four decades then new owners will be happy too since they get all these extra protection details thrown into their contracts just because Toyota knows how important reliability really does feel when something unexpected happens out there beyond our control.

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage combines the practicality and value of a smaller car with all of its signature features. It’s not as engaging to drive as some rivals, but you can still get one for our budget – think about how many years that will give you! You should even have an impressive seven-year warranty left on your new purchase too thanks to this Korean brand’s reputation for quality service.

Suzuki Ignis

The Ignis is one of the smallest SUV offerings on today’s market, but it also offers great value. £10k will buy you an example that has low mileage and three-quarters worth of warranty left. 

What makes this vehicle even more interesting are its diminutive dimensions which make for a peaceful drive in town or when parking spaces are scarce; yet inside there’s space enough to seat four adults plus ample boot capacity meaning this little gem could easily accommodate most families’ needs no matter where they went during their vacation destination one day adventure.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a practical, efficient SUV. The facelift model doesn’t offer anything new but it still retains VW’s usual high standards of interior finish and has all the benefits we loved about its first-generation version including reliability ratings from Consumer Reports.

It might not be as exciting compared with other cars on this list but I think you’ll find that our money gets us closer than pretty much any competitor because when there are only so many options out there, every little bit helps right?


You probably think that this car will be expensive, but it is not. You can easily find a 2.0-litre 18d SE sDrive around three years old with reasonable mileage for under £15K! And don’t worry about standard equipment either – all versions of X1 offer a great list of kit including: an efficient diesel engine and plenty more goodies like satellite radio or adaptive cruise control which make driving much safer than ever before. 

That is what makes it to the top picks among the best used SUVs under 20000 dollars.

The X1 is a sleek and stylish SUV that offers the comfort of an executive car, but with all-terrain capabilities. This beauty has three rows in total; however only two can be used at once due to its long wheelbase (505L). With rear seats folded down you’re able carry up 565 Ls worth or cargo! 

Add even more space by folding out third row seating just as easily– making this vehicle perfect for families on vacation who need their vehicles to do everything from grocery runs , museum visits/ tours etc.

Dacia Duster

The Duster is a cheap, reliable car that can take you anywhere and afford to buy anything. There’s plenty of space for all passengers – even if they’re carrying their own ladder! Boot capacity will easily accommodate everyone on longer journeys too with its excellent storage spaces inside as well: two adults should be just fine (though three might cause some discomfort). 

The only real downsides are aesthetic ones; from what we’ve seen so far this won’t win any awards when it comes down to interior quality or driving dynamics… but then again who cares? You get what you pay for after all right?

Volvo XC60

Volvo has always been a name associated with high quality and Swedish know-how. The Volvo XC60 is no exception to that rule, as it offers many features typically found on more expensive cars at an affordable price point! For instance its wide array of safety kit or impressive reliability: this model has never had one single serious accident in all its years since production began (2016). 

With plenty of room inside for three adults comfortably plus there’s additional cargo space out back thanks again due the 468 litre boot capacity – which means you won’t have any trouble storing everything your family needs while on holiday trips together.

Renault Captur

The Renault Captur was Europe’s best-selling small SUV in 2016 and it has been around long enough for there to be plenty of used examples. Our money buys one with a nippy petrol engine, or if you need something more practical than capable, go for the diesel option instead! Not only will they ensure your vehicle lasts longer but at this price point – any age whatsoever is fair game according to us drivers on a budget.


Picking anyone of the listed best used SUVs under 20000 dollars will definitely enable you to have a reliable, stylish and high performing SUV. Leave your comments below about your opinions on the picked used SUVs, and share with us the vehicles which we have missed.

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