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How to Decode a Toyota VIN?

Verifying where your car came from and other details is vital for knowledge. The information also helps in other matters, especially during sales or settling disputes. If you are also renewing the license, the VIN is vital.

Your Toyota, just like any other car, has a 17-digit code that helps in its identification. What is it, though, and how do you decode it? We will shed light on that as we share one of the best platforms to aid decoding.

You also need to understand what each character represents. All that and more is here for you to help in the VIN lookup process.

What is Toyota VIN?

Before getting to the Toyota part, you need to understand a VIN. It’s an acronym that stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Toyotas have them, and they are 17 characters in total, like in other vehicles.

The 17-digit standardization started in 1981. So, if your vehicle was manufactured after the year, ensure that the character count is okay. This number is the car’s unique identifier. No two Toyotas will have the exact VIN, even if they are of the same model.

You can find the VIN on several parts of the car. So, it’s easy to find it. The reason why it’s in various places is for verification purposes. You must ensure that it’s the same before you decode Toyota VIN.

Where to Find the VIN on a Toyota?

The 17 digits are available on various parts of the car and documents. You can find it in the following places on your vehicle:

  • The front dashboard area on the driver’s side
  • The engine block
  • The driver’s door jamb. Sometimes on the passenger side too
  • In other cases, it can be on the inner part of the car’s hood
  • The car registration documents
  • Logbook
  • The insurance card or documents

Some parts where you can find the VIN are the same in all Toyotas. In other models, you can find it on the rear passenger doors or the chassis under the driver’s seat. You can also check out the spare tire to see if it’s indicated there.

Once you check on a few places, ensure it’s the same. If not, then you should know somebody somewhere altered the information.

How to Decode the Toyota VIN

You can use a VIN decoder – VinPit, to decipher the information hidden in those characters. Getting a decoding platform online is much easier. We will show you how to use one of the best to get information.

Step 1: Search for the VinPit website using your internet-enabled device.

Step 2: Once you get there, navigate to the Toyota page by scrolling down to get the model.

Step 3: Feed the VIN you collected in the input field. Click on the search button and wait about 30 seconds to download the report.

What Will VinPit Show You?

Once you enter the VIN, VinPit will return the following:

  • The car’s manufacturing details
  • The origin
  • Model type and transmission
  • Accidents involved
  • Whether the VIN is legit
  • Involved crime
  • Registration and license plate details
  • Past ownership information

There is more to that, depending on whether the Toyota is new or old. You can trust VinPit to crack the information since it relies on verified sources for information. That includes the NHTSA and NMVTIS. It’s also free to use and easy to reach, thanks to being web-based.

You don’t require to sign up or subscribe to anything. The number of VIN searches is also unlimited.

Understanding the Decoded Information

You can use this information to understand how VINs are decoded in general. For the Toyota VIN, here is what the characters mean. The information below refers to cars manufactured since 1981.

The Toyota’s Origin and Manufacturer Information

The first three letters signify the manufacturer’s information. They are often referred to as the WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier) digits. The first one shows the country of origin.

If it’s a letter, it could be from Europe or Asia, among other continents and countries outside North America.  For example, the letter J signifies Japan, while W is for Germany. For the US or Canada, you will see 1, 4, or 5.

The second digit contains the manufacturer’s information. Since it’s a Toyota, expect that letter to be a T. The third one explains the type of car. It could be a sedan, pickup, or SUV. The three digits, when combined, form the WMI.

The Vehicle’s Information

You get the Toyota’s description from the fourth to the eighth letter. You get the body type, model, safety information, and transmission details. This part helps you understand what kind of car you have.

It’s also the part that will help you get the fitting spare parts for the car.

The VIN Verification

The 9th position is for the character that verifies the VIN’s origin. If it’s fake, all of the above information and the one shared below will not pop up. It’s a unique digit with a complex mathematical formula that helps identify the VIN’s authenticity.

The Model’s Year

The 10th character signifies the year when the model was manufactured. There may be confusion here since its number and letters have been repeated since 1981. From that year to 2000, the Toyotas have letters.

From 2001 to 2009, you will get a number. The alphabets came back in 2010, and they are still in use to date. The only letters and digits you will not see in this position are O, I, Q, U, Z, and 0.

The Assembly Plant

All automakers have unique identifiers of the plants used during the vehicle’s assembly. You can search on the internet for specific codes for various plants. After that, you can compare what you get.

The Vehicle’s Serial Number

The 12th to the 17th digits represent the Toyota’s sequence or serial number. It’s unique to every Toyota. You can interpret it as the number that the vehicle receives while on the assembly line.  


That is how you decode a Toyota’s VIN and understand the information. It gets easier when you have help from reputable platforms such as VinPit. Even with the decoder, you need to understand what is being presented.

That is why we have included information that will help you understand what you should get in every character. Do you have your Toyota’s VIN? Are you also intending to buy a used one? That VIN will uncover information, you didn’t know once you feed it on the VinPit website.  

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