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What if there was a way to practice sustainable driving without buying an electric vehicle? Rev your engine and speed into these smart driving methods!

4 Ways to Make Driving More Sustainable (Not Buying an Electric Vehicle)

Did you know that a typical consumer vehicle will put 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air before it makes its first trip around the sun?

Multiply this staggering number by the almost three million cars in the United States alone, and it’s easy to understand why more eco-conscious drivers are hitting the brakes on their morning commutes. 

Unfortunately, public transportation like buses and subways aren’t an option for everyone. Perhaps you live in a rural area with no reliable services, or your bus route doesn’t line up with your work and home locations.

sustainable driving

Whatever it is, driving is a necessity for millions of Americans. Just because driving is necessary doesn’t mean it has to be a necessary evil, though. Many consumers are turning to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint.

Still, these gas-guzzler alternatives aren’t on the table for everyone. Not to mention, despite circulating misconceptions, it’s not better for the environment to scrap a working gas car for a brand new electric one. 

If you’re looking for more planet-friendly ways to drive your car that don’t involve buying a new one, here are four ideas that’ll make your EV-driving friends green with envy.

sustainable driving


It’s a tale as old as time, but for a good reason. Carpooling is one of the most effective ways for consumers to reduce their carbon emissions.

If you have to go to the city every day of the week, you may as well consolidate your impact by traveling with friends or coworkers. Team up with any tree-hugging coworkers or make an open call among friends and family for a communal ride that heals the planet.

sustainable driving

Buy recycled auto parts 

Unfortunately, making repairs is part of the inevitable downfalls of owning a vehicle. Sooner or later, something needs fixing. When looking to leave less impact on the atmosphere, you can buy your parts used instead of brand new.

Salvage yards keep perfectly serviceable auto parts out of landfills, meaning greener deals for both you and the planet. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a DIY salvage expedition, you can enlist the help of white-glove providers like All Truck and Car, a pick and pull in Utah.

sustainable driving

Crank down the AC

Though it may seem insignificant, your AC unit draws a lot of power from your vehicle, reducing your fuel efficiency. Cutting the cold air when it’s comfortable outside can save you and the environment on the extra gas costs.

sustainable driving

Check your tire pressure 

Along the same vein as the previous tip, ensuring your tires stay at an optimal pressure can have a significant impact on your car’s fuel economy, making for a greener, less expensive time cruising.

sustainable driving

Parting shot 

Ever since the days of Henry Ford and the construction of Route 66, cars have been a way of life for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, what works well for people isn’t always what works well for climate change.

You don’t have to send your beloved gas-guzzler to the scrapyard just yet, however. With a few changes and a bit of mindfulness, you can do your part in making driving more sustainable. 

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