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Mercedes builds some of the greatest luxury vehicles on the market. Put the pedal to the metal with all the advantages of driving a Mercedes.

Advantages of Mercedes Cars

Before the action of financing and purchasing a new vehicle begins, you first need to know the kind of car that you want. There are a lot of options to pick from now, particularly with luxury vehicles. But to get luxury that meets your expectations requires an understanding of how it will benefit you more relative to other models, like how the Mercedes GLA 200 offers great safety features.

Mercedes has manufactured cars with attributes ahead of its time for many years. That hasn’t changed in their modern-day fleet of luxury automobiles. Here are five primary benefits that a Mercades buy will provide to every motorist driving one, including anyone tagging along for the ride.

1. Multiple Configurations for Each Car

The Mercedes Benz A-Class is just one example of the brand offering customers more than two trim configurations. According to the trim, a vehicle can maintain differences in the engine, exterior, and interior designs. Most trims don’t deviate too dissimilarly from their base model.

With Mercedes, trims may range from one model having a sunroof or better configuration with Android and Apple devices. The A-Class has the A220 and 4Matic Sedan, the latter built with a front-wheel drivetrain.

2. Lots of Security Features

Security has always been a selling point for Mercedes. Each Mercedes comes equipped with an ingenious locking system on every door that’s difficult to break in, even with a slim jim. Mercedes key programming is entirely proprietary, which goes for both the physical key and the software used to pair an individual Mercedes vehicle.

A Mercedes can link up with a new key so that a copy, no matter how identical, can unlock your car. No two keys are the same. However, customers can acquire additional keys as needed, to which they also will configure to work with one car alone.

3. A Strong Safety Record

Mercedes cars contain airbags in places that increase the safety of the driver and other passengers in the event of an accident. Reinforced cabins are featured to absorb the impact of structures and other vehicles. These crumple zones act as padding, taking in the force to keep everyone inside safer from severe impact injury.

Strategically-placed airbags rest in the front, rear, and sides. Additional airbags sit encased in the seatbelts. They distribute the force experienced during body contact with the belt’s locking mechanism.

4. Eco-Friendly Models on the Rise

Plug-in hybrids are vehicles that power themselves by using electricity and gas. Both electricity and fuel can operate either independently or simultaneously. Under this setup, a car has excellent fuel economy. Think of the possible savings from lowering the number of time spent refueling. Instead of a daily run at the gas station, the hybrid’s generator will recharge when attached to the charging port with its adapter.

Mercedes plug-in hybrid vehicles have cables that enable powering at charging stations. With a Wallbox, this charging can be done alternatively at home. Less of a reliance on fuel results in a smaller carbon footprint. Every Mercedes hybrid that’s driven is a contribution to a healthier climate.

5. Luxury

Although the S-Class is top of the line with Mercedes luxury vehicles, the brand has other luxury makes for customers to pick. Dashboards with digital displays around the odometer prevail in newer models, as do entertainment displays large enough for all passengers to observe.

The rear and center consoles contain charging docks for mobile devices. Those are the standards. Some trims possess seats that adjust to the heat and cold according to season. Massage seats are also available in the newer makes. Soft closed doors help to keep them from being slammed shut, and driver verification through biometric fingerprint sensors controls who gets inside.

The benefits listed are not at all exhaustive. Mercedes has earned its reputation for being the right choice of car for anyone seeking a luxury vehicle that’s safe and ahead of its time. For the car lover, it delivers what it takes, adding new meaning to a car being the extension of one’s home.

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