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DIY Bent Rim Repair

DIY Bent Rim Repair

When it comes to rim damage on your vehicle the repair is relatively simple to do yourself with the right tools. In today’s society, we often are told to shy away from doing things ourselves and encouraged to pay high premiums to get car repairs. However, bent rim repair is a lot more accessible for the everyday person than you might think, as long as you have the time and are willing to put in a little effort.

Identifying Bent Rims

Bent rims can happen seemingly out of nowhere with possibly no indication of when it might have happened but some factors can help you notice a rim might have been bent. We get so used to how our car feels to drive so when a change happens we are prone to noticing. One of the first signs that might indicate one or more rims are bent is a subtle vibration that may get worse the faster you go. This vibration is usually felt at the wheel causing your hands to vibrate as well.

Even if you do not notice the vibration or it is too light to direct, another indication of a bend will be a slight pulling to one side. When driving in a straight line if you were to hypothetically take their hands off the steering wheel the car should continue straight and not lean to either side. Most people notice the slight pull on highways when they constantly have to re-adjust the wheel to remain in their lane.

If this is left unattended this can have an impact on your tires causing uneven wear to one side. This can drastically diminish the lifespan of your tire and force you to have to invest in a complete replacement. If you address the issue right away you will save yourself money and time in the long run.

Step-by-Step DIY Bent Rim Repair Process

This bent rim repair is dependent on lifting your vehicle off the ground with a jack to completely remove the wheel for the repair. A hydraulic jack can be found at most auto parts stores and has a variety of uses in car repair. Once you have lifted the side that needs repair and ensured it is secure with jack stands you are ready to complete the next step. 

Now it is time to remove the tire itself by loosening the lug nuts at the center of your wheel. These can be accessed by removing the hubcap if you have one and turning your lug wrench to the right. Once the wheel is removed inspect the rim for further damage and check the interior side as well making sure to pay extra attention to the outer edges of the wheel. 

 To identify the bent section rotate the wheel and measure the degree of the bend with a tape measure. Once located you place a block of wood against the area and start gently tapping the rim with a rubber mallet gradually working around the bent section. Keep rotating the rim to ensure it is flush with a flat surface all the way around and fix any spots that are not.

Finally, assemble your tire making sure to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern and lower your vehicle back on the ground. Take your car for a short drive to assess the changes paying attention to any vibrations, noises, or pulling of the wheel. If all seems in order you have successfully repaired your bent rim at home.

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